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With Hans Zimmer having scored Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, it seems a given that he’ll be working on Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman/Superman vs Batman right? Wrong. Speaking to Vulture, the composer talked about whether or whether not he’ll return for Warner Brothers epic superhero mash-up.

Asked about a return, Zimmer said, “Honestly, I’m just sort of grappling with that right now. Quite seriously, the thought right now is that no, I don’t want to go and take what I did with Chris and just plonk it into another movie. There isn’t one good reason to do it, and there are so many good reasons not to do it.”

When pushed on whether he’s a bit sick of doing sequels, Zimmer said, “I didn’t really enjoy myself much on Pirates 4.” In fairness, I’m not sure many people in general enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Brining it back to Supes/Bats, the composer added, “I really enjoyed working with Zack Snyder, so part of it would be a personal decision. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to put the ideas I used in the Chris Nolan Batman movies into a Superman movie. It just wouldn’t feel right.”

So, whilst I’d expect Zimmer to return eventually, it seems far from a certainty that he’ll be on board for the Man of Steel sequel, which is currently looking at a 17th July, 2015 release.


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