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What you gonna do brother when the largest arms in the world run wild at the movies? From what I hear, Hulk Hogan is getting his own story on the big screen. For me that would be a fun watch but for someone set to play him it’s been said it’ll be Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame. I may not see it but I have a feeling this will be the type of movie we’ve never seen before. The Hulkster is the biggest name in professional wrestling and it’s never going to change. He changed the business into a global phenomenon with the birth of Hulkamania and changing the landscape for what is now WWE. Here we go.

I feel however if they’re going to make a movie about Hulk Hogan, why not about other big name pro wrestlers like Harley Race or Ric Flair; Flair would be a hell of a movie because let’s face he wasn’t just the dirtiest player in the game, he was also one hell of a personality outside the ring, what major superstar doesn’t have a Flair story to tell. With the Chris Benoit film coming around, is it safe to say that some other guys deserve to have their story told? How about Andre The Giant, the wild antics of Terry Funk, Jake The Snake Roberts. It’s important for people to know that although we love seeing what they do in the ring, why not get a different perspective to who the public didn’t see.

Let’s not make another Randy “The Ram” wrestler type movie because it was great as it is and gives a glimpse to how a struggling former superstar survives and the triumphs and failures that went with it. There are superstars of Pro Wrestling that have a far darker and sometimes even funnier story to tell and why not strike into the heart of an actual wrestler, the struggles, and the cutthroat business, what it’s like to be around other wrestlers on the road. I grew up watching the Monday Night Wars as a teenager and was always fascinated by the great matches, the entertainment that went with it (although the matches were far better than the mic work) nonetheless, I’ve always wondered what it was like for those guys to fight for their jobs and step up their game far higher than during any era before that. That would make for an interesting movie (not something like Beyond The Mat).


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