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Mark Robirds Jr.

The new Superman VS Batman movie has me worried because recently...I am tired of Superman being turned into a villain and Batman beats him by cheating which he has admitted before in the comics that the only way Batman wins is if he cheats. So I got to thinking I hope for one thing:

Batman is turned against Superman by the villain because he make sit seem like Superman is bad but really isn't. Batman fights Superman and to prove that he is not an enemy Superman doesn't hurt Batman just grab his fist and speaks with him to get him to listen to reason.

I don't want this to be a Batman worship film, the movie is a sequel to Man of Steel so it should be more about Superman choosing not to fight. Now I know somebody is going to try to say that Batman wins every time but I have to disagree, especially with this version. Kryptonite doesn't exist, Red Sun is his only weakness but Batman can't get a hold of it, there is no magic (so far), and Batman can't get a hold of Kryptonian radiation to weaken him. So I think this is the perfect chance to show Superman's peace loving side; show him speak to Batman instead of fighting which is what Superman excels at because he's a natural leader. Now I don't want the movie to be a Superman worship film no, that would just be unfair. What I want is to treat both characters with respect, which is why you need to get rid of Frank "Pretentious Man" Miller before he writes anything because as we all know Batman is Miller's messiah and he made Batman beat Superman to a pummel...yeah...I hate Frank Miller. So that's really what I'd like for Superman VS Batman.


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