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((I made this post a few months back, I thought I published it, but I was wrong. Any who I hope you enjoy my post.))

If you have watched every episode of Breaking Bad, then I encourage you to continue, if you are still catching up to date with the episode, please stop here, there are spoilers ahead.

The ending to Breaking Bad was by far one of the best ending's I have seen in quite awhile for a TV show. It was literally a show down between Walt and the drug dealers who took everything from him. They stole his family, his wealth, and last but not least, his sanity. So what does Walt do best when he is messed with? He gets even in the most brilliant way. Walt knocks Jessie down to the ground and clicks his car remote, releasing the machine gun in the back of his trunk, shooting down every man who took everything from him down. I had a hard time containing myself at this point. After it was all done, Jessie books it into the night, and Walt is left with a wound on his side. Walt takes a walk down memory lane one last time before kicking the bucket, then the show ends.

With all that being said and done I can only ask myself one question. What happens next? Call me spoiled and selfish, but I want more!!! With the Saul Goodman spin off coming around the corner, I see no harm in making a farewell episode to Breaking Bad. Now I know that the series is over, and the ending to the series was perfect. And there is no way in topping it. However I see no harm in making one last episode to tie up loose ends.

What happens to Jessie after he escaped, as he drives into the night screaming with joy? Is there a funeral for Hank and his partner? I think it would be even cooler if their was a scene of Walt's funeral and all the drug dealers are paying their respect to Heisenberg, and we see Jessie walk over his grave and drop the first handful of dirt and the scene just cuts to black. Does Skyler quit smoking and work on keeping her family together? Will Walter Jr receive the money his father has put under his name? Heck I think it would be cool if there was a scene with Saul working as a manager at a bagel store, as he stated earlier in the final season. Perhaps this is me asking for too much, but wouldn't it be cool to see what happens next?

So what do you guys think, should there be a final good bye episode tying up loose ends, or should we all just be happy that Breaking Bad ended on such a high note? Let me know in the comment section below.


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