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Lately Hollywood has been giving a large amount of remakes of classic movies or rebooting them with a modern touch, this has gotten mixed feelings from audiences: some people like remakes and some hate remakes saying it just spits in the face of the original so I thought I'd give my thoughts on this whole thing.

I love films in general, when I go to see a film I usually judge it on its own merits even the remakes and reboots but I will make some comparisons such as I thought the characters were done better in Peter Jackson's King Kong. But usually I try to judge remakes and reboots on their own. I think remakes with the right writer and director can do remakes and reboots right with movies like Total Recall, King Kong, the Amazing Spider-Man, Man of Steel, etc. True there are a few times where I hear about a remake or reboot and I'll just scratch my head; like a while back producers wanted to reboot Iron Man before Iron Man 3...what? Or the fact that they are working on a remake of Jumanji, wait what? Now they are making a live action remake of Brave Little Toaster *facepalm* So yeah there are a few times remakes seem stupid but overall I'll give movies a chance. Audiences say a lot recently that Hollywood has run out of original ideas well I'd just like to point something out: over 80% of Hollywood films since the 1930's have been based on books and novellas so really Hollywood has never had any original ideas except for a few. So really thats why I don't get mad when I hear something is an adaptation or a remake I just think cool another movie.

What are your guys' thoughts on this phenomenon?


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