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Eli Mamane

Squatters is a comic book about the only natural predator of the human race.


This six comic book series is based on scientific fact and features many different real life parasites. The parasites in the comic behave as they do in nature and will give you a real shock when you learn about them.


The Plot

The first story arc focuses on a small group of quarantine agents (Eazy, Hail, Ray and Zak). They work for one of the last standing governments in the world to survive the Human/Parasitic war. Their job is to help humans stay that way....human.

It has been some time since one of the surviving countries had “won” the war against the parasites. No parasitic sightings have occurred and they seem to be at a time of “peace”.

These relatively untrained quarantine agents have been sent out to investigate six different parasitic sightings. Their investigation has lead them down a rabbit hole they might never return from.

Sound Interesting?

We need you to help us make this original project become a reality. Right now the Kickstarter project is live and will be for approximately the next month. Please come and support us and be part of the ride of a lifetime. The artwork is just as special as the story and we guarantee it will not let you down.

You never know you might even learn something. Please follow the link and let us know what you think.


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