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Chris Fields

This is my pitch to continue the Battlestar story on the big screen in the form of a semi detailed pitch:

We all remember the end of Galactica being flown into the sun by Anders, with the rest of the colonial fleet. But what if instead of completing the task, the Galactica has been parked, hidden out of site in a synchronous orbit on the opposite side of the sun?

If you think back to the alternate versions of Baltar and Six and them saying "it will all happen again". What if the cylons instead of destroying Galactica used it and Anders to spy on what the colonials are up to and make sure they keep up their end of the treaty. But when (in 2057) the human race of Earth launches a satellite that detects the ship and leads to a mission of investigation. Once on board the ship begins to start up and during the initial search they find an almost fully decomposed Anders in his pool, still functioning well enough to send out a beacon to his cylon brotherhood. Bringing them back to finish off the human race with new and evolved cylon models as well as old favorites. Forcing the humans to frantically repair Galactica and prepare for the fight of the species and trying to learn and catch up on the ancient history that they were unaware of.

Would love to know if you would like to see this film and any Ideas you would add in the comments below.


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