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Scotti Brown

With the November 8th date of Thor: The Dark World approaching very close, people are anxious to see what happens. Reading the plot, I was surprised when Thor went to Loki for help against Malekith, but does Loki have an ulterior motive? I have three theories on what Loki will do to Thor in the movie and will be happy if one of them is right.

1. Loki will help Thor against Malekith, but in the end he will leave. By leave I mean leave Asgard, leave prison, and set out on his own.

2. In the beginning, Loki will help Thor but will betrayal him. This I can see happening. In the comics, it is said that Loki has a "past" with Malekith and regarding that Loki is probably mad at Thor, it's not going to be surprising if Malekith asks Loki for help and Loki will agree, while still helping Thor out.

3. Loki will help Thor, turn his back and betray him, will go to Malekith but realized he made a mistake and will later return and help Thor, which will show him betraying Malekith. I know, it's basically the first two theories mashed up into one, but hey it's what I think.

Either way, Loki will help Thor out because they are brothers and, what I think, Loki still somewhat cares for Thor even though it's probably not a good deal amount.

So, what's your Dark World Theory?


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