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First, he survives after he gets shawshanked and is supposed to bleed to death (sorry for being so blunt and honest). Then during the most recent episode of Revolution, titled "Patriot Games," there was a very strange and surreal scene near the end of the episode where computer geek Aaron Pittman apparently saved Commanding General of the Militia-turned renegade swordsman Miles Matheson by (accidentally?) setting two patriots ablaze:

I have a couple of wacky theories as to why Aaron is seemingly tapping into the supernatural and developing superhuman abilities with each coming episode:

  • (1) The nanotech (those microscopic robots) that were in the air during the blackout somehow got into Aaron's body and saved him from bleeding out. Maybe curing injuries isn't the only thing the nanotech can do. They were mentioned multiple times by Rachel Matheson during her quest to get to the Tower during the latter half of season one. Both Aaron and Rachel spoke about the nanotech after Aaron woke up after seemingly dying from his wound. It was during the episode, "There Will Be Blood:"
  • (2) Aaron is subconsciously controlling those green fireflies(?) with his mind, albeit being fully unaware that he can do so. During the season two premiere, "Born in the U.S.A.," there was a moment in which Aaron looked up at the sky and noticed hundred of those fireflies hovering over him:

During "Patriot Games," these fireflies appeared right below the two men's feet mere seconds before there were horrifically, and suddenly, enflamed. This all happened after Aaron's mind magically wandered over to where Miles was when he was trying to get away from the patriots' camp.

With the fifth episode of the new season airing next Wednesday, October 23rd, what other abilities will Aaron be able to conjure up?

If any of you have your own theories or comments about this interesting phenomenon happening to a character that seemed innocent, hopeless, and defenseless throughout season one, let me know in the "Comments" section below.


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