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Thomas A. Rice

The idea of a Super Soldier is something that Militaries have tried for at least 80 years.

The Nazi’s believed they could create the ideal Soldier through Eugenics- The idea that through selective breeding, you could create all the desired traits of a Superior Human; Increased Strength, Stamina (etc)

In the comics of the early 1940s, It was the idea that a Serum (in this case the formula created by Doctor Erskine) could create a near perfect Human being; As strong and as fit as a Human could be and still be “Human” as opposed to “Super-Human.”

In Sam Raimi’s 2002 “Spider-Man” and the 2003 “Hulk” by Ang Lee, It was nano-technology that was used to create a Super-Soldier that had regenerative healing, super-strength and reflexes. Of course these experiments always seem to go Horribly Wrong, with the exception of Captain America. The question remains however, “Are we really capable (through Science) of creating a Super Soldier?"

Nano-Technology is a real possibility in the near future. The nano-bots would be programmed to rebuild body tissue, aid in healing and create a stronger, faster individual. It may even be the cure for Cancer, if cancerous cells can be targeted specifically by the Nano-Bots and eliminated.

Even the aging process might be eliminated in the near future with the discovery of the Immortality Gene. If activated, this Gene prevents chromosomes from degrading with each cellular split-thereby preventing Aging. We could all very well become our own version of James Howlett, with enhanced healing capabilities and uncharted longevity.

What seemed like Science Fiction a few generations ago may indeed become Science Fact!


Would you become a Super Soldier if you had the chance?


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