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I think I will classify The Fifth Estate as an "informational thriller;" contains a bunch of information and is thrilling, but, not suspenseful. It could probably be classified as a drama, too, but, not really to me. Ok so anyway, the movie is about Wikileaks; it's founder, how the organization works, what the concept/purpose of it is, etc.

Before seeing this, I had heard of the organization and heard of some of the information that was leaked (most recently, Snowden), but other than that, I was pretty clueless. After seeing this however, I think I have a better idea about it. Based on a novel written by one of the former Wikileaks employees, the movie follows Daniel Berg (a techie) as he begins to get involved in the world of secrets and life as a journalist, and the fine line of what information should actually be released no matter the cost.

Rating: 3/5 stars - I enjoyed it. The movie held my interest from the beginning and I always like to see "true stories" brought to life on the big screen. It was also really cool to see Daniel Bruhl on the screen so soon after he played the role of Niki Lauda in Rush.


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