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David J. Eden

Before I begin my "rant" I want to say 2 things straight up:

1. I know...I'm behind the times. I just saw this recently.

2. I did thoroughly enjoy the movie. However...

My enjoyment was somewhat lessened as my mind was pounded with items, characters, sets, ships, creatures, camera shots, and a plethora of other issues that were ripped off about a dozen other movies or TV shows.

The first one right outta the gate was Jor-El's creature...a 4-winged flying creature big enough to ride upon. At one point, he calls it and it comes to his aid amidst flame and smoke, a scene completely recreated from James Cameron's AVATAR. That one had me tilting my head and raising an eyebrow, but then the copycatting continued...

...the next one was seeing the embryo chambers of Krypton. Straight out of the Matrix movies. It was such a rip off the iconic shots that for a moment...I actually thought krypton was being "fuelled" by these embryonic sacs.

Then there was the suit he had provided for his son...a costume that looked like it was made from the leftover materials that were used to make the first "Amazing Spider-Man" suit.

As "Clark" does his travelling throughout the north...there is something about it that shouts "WOLVERINE" to me...

Hunting for an ancient ship buried in 20,000 year old ice and travelling down a melted tunnel carved by a laser reminded me of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR...

Zod and his lackeys? Was it just me, or were they wearing the same suits and helmets (more so the helmets) that the "Engineers" wore in PROMETHEUS...a design laid down by Geiger in the 1980's?

Oh! And the whole steal-the-networks and "give us Kal or we kill you all" broadcast? Didn't they do the same thing in the same way in TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN?

Eventually things normalized for about 1/3rd of the movie and then the copycat ring began again...not the least of which was the constant semi-handheld camera effect wherein there is a rapid zoom in or zoom out...something that was the iconic shooting style of the reimagined series of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Then I saw the tentacles of Doctor Octopus come screaming out of the "World Engine" to entangle Superman...

...then I saw General Zod flying that nifty ship that was extremely reminiscent of a Covenant Battleship from the HALO franchise.

The fight sequence between Superman and Zod? As an animator I thought it was fabulous...except for the fact that 90% of it reminded me of the fight between Agent Smith and Neo in the final MATRIX movie. Not to mention Zod climbing the side of a building like the Hulk did in THE AVENGERS.

Again and again, all these images kept popping out at me and it actually really bugged me.

But then again: the tone of the movie, the animation, the story writing, the music, etc....was all fabulous. Clark's little 2v1 fight will forever go down in my top 3 fight sequences in movie history. So generally speaking I enjoyed it...but in the end? I didn't see too much that wasn't ripped off blatantly from somewhere else.

What did you think? Were there any other "ripoffs" I missed? Or am I reading too much into it? Post your thoughts below!


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