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Halloween is nearly upon us and you have no idea what to watch on the big day! Well, there's no need to be alarmed because I've come up with a cracking list of Halloween-themed films you can watch. Please feel free to comment on any films you think would be fabulous for Halloween.


For some reason it seems to be tradition to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween, as cinemas usually decide to re-release it. Perhaps it's because of its strange cult following, where transvestites sing and talk along to the film whilst its playing and squirt each other with water pistols and what not. I think Rocky (not Sly's Rocky of course) is a great film to watch at Halloween because of how playfully it celebrates the conventions of Hammer Horror films, which is what Halloween is all about. Why do people dress up as Frankenstein's monster on Halloween? Because Hammer Horror brought it to the masses that's why! If you've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show before then you're in for a very bizarre evening indeed. It's great fun though! Especially with Tim Curry's hilariously hammy lead performance.


I don't really want to go too much into why it's a great Halloween movie because that would be spoiling the tremendous surprise people who haven't seen it. And to those people who haven't seen it, WHY! WHY HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS YET! The Cabin in the Woods is quite simply one of the greatest slasher films ever made. It's outrageously clever and hugely entertaining at the same time. I'll never forget when I first saw it in the cinema thinking "Where the hell is this going!" It takes you on a spectacular journey that both celebrates and criticises our beloved horror genre, which is why it's perfect Halloween viewing!


I can hear you all crying out already, "HOCUS POCUS? THAT'S A DUMB KIDS MOVIE MAN!" But please let me explain why you should be watching this on Halloween. First of all, Hocus Pocus is not strictly a kids film because its hilarious comedy is on a level that will be appreciated by most adults, although I am probably biased here because I grew up with Hocus Pocus always playing in the video player (remember those?) so it has a special place in my heart. However, Hocus Pocus is perfect for Halloween because it's simply set on Halloween, so there are wonderful costumed people out and absurd decorations around every corner so you don't have to bother looking out of your window! Also, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker are absolutely hilarious as the Sanderson sisters. Bette also has that terrific solo of I Put a Spell on You which you're sure to be humming all night. Hocus Pocus is simply brilliant.


Trick 'R Treat has developed a legion of fans over the years, but personally I find it overrated. Don't get me wrong it's a good film with some good little stories in there, but I just don't find it as ground-breaking as most people do. However, that doesn't stop it from being one of the greatest films to watch on Halloween. Like Hocus Pocus, it's all set on that fateful night but instead of incorporating one story it incorporates several to create an anthology. There's a serial killing teacher, a bunch of teenage girls trying to 'lose' something, some children exploring an urban legend about a horrific bus crash and a small pumpkin boy terrorising Brian Cox. All in all it's a fun film and the way the stories intertwine is really quite clever, but it's not the best horror film for me.


Was my number one choice really going to be anything other than John Carpenter's seminal slasher? It's even got Halloween in the title for pity's sake! There really is no better film to watch on Halloween. It gave birth to arguably the greatest horror icon of all time, Michael Myers. A creepy and mysterious figure who stealthily stalks his victims with a large knife on Halloween. I think it's fun to think that Hocus Pocus, Trick 'R Treat and Halloween all happened on the same bizarre night. Watching Halloween on Halloween is all the more creepier too, as your mind begins to wonder if Michael Myers is staring right at your house as you're watching the film.

So do you agree with my list? Or do you think some other Halloween-related films should be up there. Well don't be afraid to bite back on the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading!


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