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I have been showcasing the Heroes that have that supernatural/spooky edge to them. Last week was Ghost Rider, This week it’s Moon Knight!

He is the living Avatar of the Egyptian God of Vengeance: Khonshu and His origin story would make a great movie.

I won’t give you the origin story verbatim; you can find that under Moon Knight. Suffice it to say Marc Spector is a Mercenary working in the Sudan with an outfit led by a psychotic individual called “The Bushman.”

This guy has a skull tattooed on his face and a nasty set of steel teeth much like “Jaws” from the old Roger Moore Bond films.

After a disagreement with The Bushman concerning the treatment of prisoners, Marc Spector is beaten up and left for dead in the desert of Sudan. He wanders for the better part of a day before collapsing from exhaustion.

When he wakes, he finds himself in a newly discovered Egyptian Tomb and the Archeologists who found him not far from the ruins are astonished to see him breathing again (He was clinically dead when they dragged him in and tried to resuscitate him.)

Spector starts babbling about the “Moon God” and goes over to the statue of Khonshu in the tomb. He states that it was Khonshu who woke him and gave him a mission of Vengeance (or Justice) depending on how you translate Egyptian to English and he grabs the hooded cape from the ancient statue and sets off for Bushman and the men who left him for dead. Thus begins the Story of Moon Knight.

Like I said, I won’t go into further detail on his origin.

Once Spector returns to the States he assumes two other identities in addition to the Moon Knight; A street wise cabby named Jake Lockley and a Millionaire by the name of Steven Grant (I guess the Treasure in that Egyptian Tomb was quite valuable.)

His right hand man through all this is a former Foreign Legion member aptly named “Frenchie,” who flies his Helicopter (or the crescent shaped Moon Copter when he is out dealing Justice as Moon Knight.)

His Girlfriend is Marlene; the Daughter of the Archeologist that found him.

As Moon Knight, he wears an outfit of Silver & White. He states on numerous occasions that he wants criminals to see him coming- Thus the shiny and conspicuous outfit. In addition to the hooded cape (which doubles as a glider) he wears Adamantium plated body armor and employs a number of Egyptian/Moon themed weapons; A Truncheon, crescent throwing stars and a staff bearing the emblem of Khonshu.

Unlike Batman however, Moon Knight dispenses Lethal Justice on those Khonshu deems worthy of his vengeance.

During the Full Moon, The Avatar of Khonshu’s Justice displays superhuman strength (approx 4x normal human) so most criminals choose to stay home during the full moon.

Spector himself is a master of several martial art styles including the Israeli “Krav Maga.” He is devastating in hand to hand combat during the full moon.

It is unknown whether or not the Egyptian Moon God actually talks to him or it is just Spector’s psychosis. He believes in his powers, thus they are real. It is this uncertainty that makes him interesting.

Is he really supernaturally powered or is he just f nuts?

The Moon Knight was actually slated to be a TV series back in the early 2000’s but fell to the wayside due to arguments over how to portray him. He was considered “too violent” for primetime.

I think they could pull it off in a movie with a PG13 rating for intense sequences of violence, much like The Dark Knight did. Also, with the start of Marvel's four part series on Netflix- Featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Power Man & Iron Fist; You have to think that other Marvel Knights like Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher & Moon Knight are on their way.

The introduction of Moon Knight opens up several avenues for Marvel Studios. They can do Marvel Knights, Defenders or they can do Secret Avengers, of which Moon Knight was also a member or they can do Heroes for Hire! With Power Man-Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Not sure if they can use Black Cat or Deadpool but the always lovely & lethal Misty Knight and Elektra are available right?)

Actually, there are dozens of members to that team they can choose from- but that is another story isn't it?

So What do you think?


Will Moon Knight be coming to Netflix?


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