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With my recent article of what lineup DC should use in their future Justice League movie, It garnered a lot of responses from readers who had their own opinion on what league they should use. New 52 was the most popular along with the 1960's original team and some even wanting to include lesser-known characters such as Blue Beetle & Zatarra.

But what about the animated series? A lineup that, in my opinion, is the most diverse with great opportunities for amazing storylines throughout the team. It can also be the most relatable because it was portrayed on TV so the viewing audience will already be familiar with the lineup and the chemistry between the characters.

Some of these picks you may have seen already according to my previous posts, I'm just adding new characters to my already fancasted Justice league. For more on these choices, check out my Justice League fancast for a more detailed opinion.

Here's my personal fancast for this version of the Justice League:

Clark Kent (Kal-El)/Superman: Henry Cavill

Amazing portrayal that'll make Christopher Reeves proud. Watching his interviews you can tell that his work ethic is incredible and really cares about the character. Looking forward to how he does in 2015 with Ben Affleck as Batman.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Ben Affleck

Quite frankly, I'm tired of defending Affleck across all medias such as Twitter, Youtube, etc, so all I have to say is check out my Justice league fancast for sort of a small summary on why I'm pro Batfleck.

Wally West/The Flash: Garrett Hedlund

I remember debating this with Evan Lee and although i can see where he's coming from with the Sean William Scott casting, I just think Hedlund has the overall package when it comes to these type of characters. Wally West was the "heart" of the animated series version and I feel Hedlund can definitely exploit that. I can also see him pulling off the immaturity and brashness Wally West is known for without making it look cheesy and over the top. I just don't know how to explain this any better. Hedlund could potentially own this role.

Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman: Jamie Alexander

Looks the part. Can handle the physicality part of things due to her role in Thor. She'll probably never play this role because of Thor. Never seen an actress embody Wonder Woman as good as Alexander. Check out my other JL fancast for more.

J'onn J'onzz/The Martian Manhunter: Chiwetel Ejiofor

One of the world's best actors that can make this character come to life. His talents mixed with some movie magic = Sucess. Ejiofor can definitely bring to life the traits of MM by showing us the more soft-spoken side and in an instant become the extremely powerful being that is the Martian Manhunter.

John Stewart/Green Lantern: Michael Jai White

Extremely popular choice for John Stewart and it's evident. This guy is perfect for this role for a few reasons: 1. Looks the part. 2. Has a background in martial arts so handling action scenes and being physically fit for the role won't be a problem. 3. He can absolutely pull off the seriousness of John Stewart! Interested to see how he does with the Hawkgirl casting as they have a sort of affection to each other. Age (45) could be a major problem as far as sequels go.

Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl: Jessica Biel

Beautiful actress whom especially in this particular picture looks like she can pull off a stunning Hawkgirl. Biel can hold her own in roles so I'm not worried about her messing this role up. The Justice League is already filled with top-notch talent so it's not about keeping up with the rest, it's about going with he flow all while giving something new to the role.

That's it for this fancast! The animated series version is an option that I'll definitely be fine with if they go about doing it this way. Either this one or the 1997 JLA would work.

What do you think of this fancast? Let's debate!


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