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The short of it: movie buff
Joel Croyle

I have watched Revolution since day one when the blackout occurred, and season one enthralled me. I was the guy who actually liked Charlie's character when she was being coined by others as "Jack Bauer's needless daughter." And I am the one that feels Miles can do no why am I worried about the future?

Part of me says to sit back and relax, it will all turn out well in the end. But I am not so sure. I am also an avid watcher of Under the Dome, and I read the book and it seems that Revolution is about to take a similar path. All of a sudden our favorite geek can turn people on fire and watch their movements from REM sleep? Monroe is somehow a "good guy?" Hey revolution writers, go take a look at wrestling circa 1985 to see what a good guy is and how to do a face or heel turn.

There are little flying green lightning bugs that somehow fit into the picture but we aren't quite sure how.

What has kept me watching this show is the "Mad Max" feel of it all. No one had electricity, food was scarce, new populations were forced to become something, factions were taking place...and then they turned the power back on and instead of sending Aaron to God, they made him one.

The interesting story was the struggle to make a world still matter, still be of the human spirit without destroying everything that had come before. Unfortunately, I fear we are losing that now and we are about to hit some huge sci-fi plateau. Don't get me wrong, I love the sci-fi, more than many but this isn't the show for it.

Under The Dome has had a little bit of alien suggestion come forth in its later episodes of this year and I fear that will also be a mess by the end. Little black domes and beautiful butterflies set aside - get back to the original thought...There's a bunch of people in a small town who can't get out because they are being held in a dome. That is genius, thank you Mr. King, now let’s keep with it.

I want to see Miles against Monroe. I want Charlie to be vulnerable (although I will be honest, I am okay with the sexy). I want Aaron to die if he gets that cut-up by a foe, not brought back by some two bit fly knock-offs. Currently the part of the show that is fantastic is anything to do with Tom Neville because it makes sense, and it is derivative from his initial character. The death of his wife (all though I am not so sure she is dead) is the perfect catalyst for him to play ruthless yet agreeable. They do need more for his son to do or he can go the way of Danny Matheson for all I care.

I also enjoyed the ruthlessness of the group led by Richard. It made sense. They were in a space of complete uncertainty, and while all these other little cities popped up with flowers, and houses, a government, and white picket fences, this guy is that antithesis. Wouldn't there be a group of people who simply took stole murdered and plundered? If this really did happen, there would but there again, as great as that part of the story was, we had to go and have a wife continuously being set alive by blood transfusion. We didn't actually need fuel for Richard, we'd already been led down a path to think he was a child molester - isn't that enough to fuel the ruthless portions of his characters?

It isn't off the rails yet folks, but it could be soon. Get back to what the story was about - the end of what we knew to be the world- let that be the guiding light for the future - whether it is by electric light or candle.


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