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Nathaniel Perrier Sharer

There's been a lot of talk recently about Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, mostly about the heroes themselves and the actors portraying them. Since the FF are some of my favorite Marvel heroes, I'd just like to share my personal thoughts on the movie, and both the heroes and the villains.

Mr. Fantastic:

Reed Richards: Brilliant and nerdy, easy-going and humble, but still very dangerous. Fox is considering 3 actors for this role: Kit Harrington, Miles Teller, and Jack O'Connell. While all of them are rather younger than I think any of us consider Reed, that's Fox's decision to make, probably so the actors can age into the roles as the movies continue. While never having seen Miles Teller in anything, both Kit and Jack are very impressive, and I think both could do the part justice. I lean towards Jack slightly, just because if Kit is cast, myself and maybe many others might forever see Reed as Jon Snow.

The Invisible Woman:

Sue Storm: Smart, beautiful, but beyond deadly when necessary. Again, We've learned of 3 actors Fox is considering: Kate Mara, Margot Robbie, and the much-talked about Saoirse Ronan. My personal choice would be Ronan. Having never seen Margot in anything, I can't comment on her, unfortunately. I loved Kate Mara in House of Cards, but from what I've seen of Ronan, she's very talented, and gaining a lot of interest right now, with the talks she might also be a part of Star Wars VII.

The Human Torch:

Johnny Storm: Reckless and cocky, self-centered, yet underneath it all, self-sacrificing and compassionate. There's been a LOT of talk about this one lately, with the recent news of Michael B. Jordan. Yes, there were other actors I had envisioned in the role, including Chris Pine, but it seems Jordan has the part. And after considering that, I love it. If you've seen Chronicle, you know Jordan can fill in the role, and while I haven't seen Fruitvale Station, his performance in it is apparently brilliant as well. At first I was upset with the news. It seemed that Fox was sacrificing sticking to the comic material just so they could throw in a black character in an otherwise all-white comic. However, that's not what they're doing. They're changing the look, just the look, of one character, in order to get a VERY talented, quite popular actor into the role. Johnny wasn't designed to be white, Johnny was designed to be everything I listed above, which I'm now certain Jordan can do. Honestly, it makes me more confident Fox is taking this movie seriously, rather than just making something for the fans and holding onto the rights.

The Thing:

The heart and soul of the team. Big, strong, but compassionate as well, the Thing, and his struggles, are two of the most important aspects of the Fantastic Four. Surprisingly, we've heard no news at all from Fox on this role, so I can only offer my opinions on him. I've thought of Vin Diesel for the role, since he' got the build for it, and he's done voice work/motion capture before, which The Thing will mostly likely be. However, it's unlikely he could get the role since he's officially working with Marvel and Disney now. Another actor I hadn't considered is Kellan Lutz, never thinking he could do this kind of role, until he was brought up by Evan Lee. By then I'd seen the trailer for his new Hercules movie and I realized that he could do very well for the role. He's also younger, than someone like Diesel, fitting better with the younger cast for the other roles. My personal favorite, however, would be Liam Hemsworth. He's been doing some great acting lately, he's a popular actor, he even looks like the football player Ben was and I think he could really pull it off.

Doctor Doom:

And now for the important part. I think we can agree it's quite likely the villain for this movie will be Doctor Doom, since he's the FF's main antagonist, and most well-known villain. Most others require large amounts of setup, too much to have in addition to an origin story. My current two choices would be Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen. I know, I know, everyone's sick of seeing Cumberbatch on every recent fancasting, but I really think he could pull off the part of Victor. He can be cold, he can be arrogant, he can be cruel and calculating. As for Mads, he's played some amazing villains, and if you've seen his new show Hannibal you'll know that he could pull of a dark, subtle , brooding Doom. A third possible choice would be Hugo Weaving. This needs no explanation, just look at his resume: Agent Smith, V, Red Skull, Elrond, voicing Megatron, and many more.

That's my cast. I don't know what other characters might be in the movie, so I can't speak to who should play them. Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Do you wish I'd never write again? Let me know below.


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