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As some of you might know from my past articles, I despise the writer Frank Miller for toilet paper material like the Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again, All Star Batman and Robin, Tales to Offend, the Spirit movie, and Robocop 3. But he's made a few really good things in the past: Sin City, Batman Year One, Robocop 2, Daredevil, and his miniseries of Wolverine.

When I heard they were going to adapt the miniseries into a movie I had mixed feelings; I loved X-Men Days of Future Past...but the last time an X-Men movie focused on Wolverine was the abomination known as X-Men Origins Wolverine which had Baraka-Pool and Gambit was only a cameo *facepalm*. Well this is not a review of that movie. So I went to see the Wolverine on opening day and what are my thoughts? I freaking loved this movie, director James Mangold filmed a beautifully stylized superhero movie that takes a character and puts him in a rough spot making him have to learn to fight and deal with things differently. This movie is an action flick no doubt about it, but it handles its story with care: it's the story about a man who thinks he's worthless to the world and has to regain his heroism and it's done greatly.

Hugh Jackman was fantastic as always, he nailed the role so perfectly that for the first time I could actually say: "He is the Wolverine." The villains, while kind of standard were enjoyable and it changed a few things from the comics that I didn't mind which I can't say without giving spoilers. My only real negative things I can say about the film was a character named Viper...she wasn't a terrible actress or anything, it's just that the character didn't fit with the tone of this movie. But I understood her place in the plot up until a certain point.

This is the first X-Men movie to actually show blood for once, originally the movie was going to be rated R but for money's sake they made it PG-13 and I understand that because I don't think it should be rated R. The film turned the character of Logan into a very complex character which I enjoyed- it showed him struggle with his powers and made him vulnerable which I loved. Overall in my rating system I give this movie a Platinum rating. Do I like it better than Man of Steel? Nah, Man of Steel is still my favorite superhero film. Do I like the Wolverine more than Iron Man 3? Hell yes, that movie can be thrown in a dumpster because Wolverine and Man of Steel make my two best summer films.

What were your thoughts on my review and the movie itself?


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