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Hey everybody, how is it going? As you can tell there are many spin-offs coming out for our entertainment, whether it’s big time movies or small hit television shows. All of which I am looking forward to watching. So I thought it would be fun to think of a few comedy characters that should get their own spin-off movies. Many you may remember from movies, and others you may not know or even heard of. Either way, I know if they had a spin-off movie, it would be extremely enjoyable to watch.

Black Doug & Officer Franklin/ Mike Epps & Rob Riggle – The Hangover

I think it would be incredible to see Black Doug and Officer Franklin together in a movie. You can’t help but think of these guys when you hear “Not you, fat Jesus,” or the word “floories.” With these two together the movie could be exciting and energetic.

Megan/Melissa McCarthy - Bridesmaids

Having Megan, from Bridesmaids, get her own movie could be disgusting, wrong, and so much fun to watch. She is the type of character you love to see on the big screen but not at your family reunion

Ed & Chris Harken/Fred Willard & Justin Long – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Many of you may remember Ed Harken, from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but only know Chris Harken by name because he is mentioned only a few times by Ed throughout the movie and you never see him. That is until Wake Up Ron Burgundy came out. For those who didn't know, they had so much extra material from filming Anchorman that they put it all together and created the movie Wake Up Ron Burgundy. In that film you see Justin Long playing Chris Harken and it is absolutely hilarious.

Jeff & Dante/Nick Swardson & Peter Dante - Grandma's Boy

A lot of people have never seen or even heard of Grandma’s Boy. In my opinion, I think it’s one of the most underrated comedies. If you ever see my brother and I hanging out, you will catch us quoting this movie non-stop. In the movie you have two characters that I love. There is Jeff, the turtle snuggling gamer nerd, and Dante, the pot smoking monkey training fool. Both of which made me laugh out loud throughout the scenes they were in. I think it would be excellent to see the two together in a movie.

Michael Cera/Michael Cera - This Is The End

This is the End, I loved it. It was fun to watch, but the one character I couldn’t get enough of was Michael Cera. To me, he was the funniest character in the whole movie because he played a character that I have never seen him play before. “Hey, man! Does this coke smell funny?”

White Goodman/Ben Stiller – Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

To be fully honest, I am not a big Ben Stiller fan. Zoolander was alright and Tropic Thunder kind of sucked, but that is just me. But if there is one character of Ben Stiller’s that I can not stop laughing at, it is White Goodman. He made the movie great with his cavalier attitude and the crappy insults he told people. My only question is, if they were to make a White Goodman movie, would he be fit Goodman or fat Goodman.

Who do you guys think should get their own spin-off?


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