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I am an avid horror fan, and I have been for the past decade or so. Therefore I have seen many horror films that range from the very best, to the worst of the worst. And though I have many favorites within the genre, the original Halloween is still the movie that reigns supreme in my book. This is a movie I would recommend to anyone, whether a horror movie fan or not. Halloween isn't just blood or guts, its more about keeping you on the edge of your seat, and keeping you scared even when nothing scary is happening in the film.

The first thing about Halloween that really makes it what it is today are the characters. Horror movies nowadays don't have characters you actually feel for, or characters you want to see live through the whole thing. Well Halloween emphasizes that component very well. Sure you have a couple here and there that would annoy you of course, but even then you wouldn't want them to die, or at least not in a harsh way. The main character besides the villain is named Laurie Strode. A young, smart, and insecure character, who unlike her friends focuses more on her school work than on boys. Another character by the name of Dr. Loomis is also a very notable character in this film. He is the only character throughout the franchise that really knows what the main antagonist is all about, and when he speaks about him, you get creeped out even when the villain isn't there. And then of course there is Michael Myers. A completely different villain from what you get today. He doesn't just chop people up or anything like that, he hides in the shadows, he stalks you, and even in some shots you can see him hiding behind a window, or behind a glass door. This makes you wonder if you have someone standing behind you at times when you are alone. So by the time he actually comes out to kill someone you are already scared out of your mind.

The second reason on why you should watch this movie on Halloween is the setting. Some horror movies will take place in the woods, or in a deserted area like that, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. But Halloween differs in that area because it takes place in a city, a quite small town where nothing bad happens. That also adds to the creep factor of Michael Myers, he could be in your town, or he could be in mine. Also a majority of the film takes place in broad daylight, which means that evil won't just lurk at night like most villains do.

Another key reason for you to watch this movie is the score. The music for this movie is quite possibly the creepiest music I've or anyone has ever heard in a film before. And it has become so popular that even big people in the music industry have used it to make beats and what not. So it would be an understatement if anyone were to say the music was a big part of the movie because without the music, Halloween would NOT be what it is today. A good way to give you and example of this is when the Director of the film (John Carpenter) said he had shown it to someone without the music, and that person said there was nothing scary about the film at all, And after a week he came back and showed it to her again with the music, she then said it was one of the scariest movies she had ever seen.

And the final reason would be the impact Halloween has had on the horror movie industry or even the movie industry period. Ironically when Halloween first came out it was bashed by critics and many people didn't like it, but the cast and crew didn't really expect anything more anyways. Then there was one critic who said Halloween was one of the best horror films he had ever seen. After that a whole flood of critics were saying the same and people were actually going to see it. And by word of mouth Halloween actually went on to become the most successful independent movies at the time, with a budget of a very low $300,000 dollars, it went on to make an outstanding $50,000,000 dollars worldwide. So once other small time directors saw what Halloween had done, everyone started making rip-offs of it during the eighties which became known as the'Golden Age of Horror'. Halloween then went on to push out nine other sequels and today Halloween is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

There are way more reasons in my opinion for why the original Halloween is the Best horror movie and one of the best films alone. And quite possibly if it weren't for Halloween we wouldn't have other major horror franchises like Friday The 13th, or A Nightmare On Elm Street. So hopefully you will take all of this information in and consider watching it for the first time.


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