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So now we finally know who wrote Shakespeare's plays! A time traveling dog from a 1960's animated series that had a flying squirrel and an upright talking moose as its stars.

Mr Peabody of the 50's-60's Peabody's Improbable History was not only the smartest dog on the planet but the smartest creature that ever lived. Smart Enough to have a pet boy named Sherman who could drive him through historic time zones observing, disturbing and re-correcting history in their Wabac Machine while teaching lessons about science, math, literature and comedy writing to new generations of scientists, mathematicians, writers and comedians. Without Mr. Peabody's inspiration there would be no trips to the moon, no Gravity's Rainbow, no double helix discovery, no Golden Age of sit-com and definitely no Woody Allen movies, the closest humanity has come to a Mr Peabody in looks and occasionally in brain power. Think about it. . .but then again don't.

A Mr Peabody and Sherman film has been brewing in the minds of Dreamworks since 2007. Robert Downey Jr was originally picked to voice Mr Peabody but probably dropped out when his Iron Man obligations came into conflict with his desire for radical historical correction. Saving history from both the onslaught of evil ideas and good intentions gone awry always takes a back seat to saving the world from criminal masterminds. So Ty Burrell the gentle mannered, confused, high-toned Dad from Modern Family steps in to fill the historic voice void. Not quite perfect voice casting but neither is this a perfect world. Playing Sherman is Max Charles, the young Peter Parker in the last Spiderman, creating the historical and comedic possibility that the pet may be smarter than the dog. This is starring to look more like a historical misstep than a defining cinematic moment with every passing second. But then try to explain to me why dog spelled backwards is God?

Rob Minkoff, who directed half of The Lion King, is there behind the scenes, pulling the strings to make sure this historic spectacle gets some sure footing. According to historical characters guaranteed to appear include Leonardo da Vinci (Stanley Tucci) and his Mona Lisa (Lake Bell), Sigmund Freud (Mel Brooks), and King Tut (Zach Gallison).

Mr Peabody opens March 7, 2014.

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