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I'm 56 years old, work at an I-80 rest stop and I'm a Hiddlestoner! Can't help it, its the dimples and he's gorgeous!
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Having dealt with Loki’s infancy in my last blog I come to his childhood and things aren’t much easier for him. Having to deal with an older, bigger, more athletic brother who beats him at every game requiring any physical strength. Who also seems to easily win the approval of any watching, especially Odin while he seems to be the butt of all their jokes isn’t easy for a scrawny boy named Loki. Enter the first of three important characters in Loki’s life, the young Enchantress. Played by Lily Loveless (from the fifth and last season of The Sarah Jane Adventures: THE CURSE OF CLIVE LANGER) she is the daughter of a high ranking Asguardian official who first sets eyes on Thor, but is rejected as he only has time for training and sports and not yet interested in girls. When she attempts to befriend Loki, he too rejects her as he doesn’t want to be sloppy seconds, but she obviously sees something to like in this quiet young godling and she sticks around to watch and flirt with him.

The second character is Balder the brave as their weapons trainer and combat instructor. Played by Luke Goss (ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING, HELLBOY 2, THE GOLDEN ARMY) he instructs them in the use of sword and spear, bow and arrow, the war hammer and knives. Balder discovers that Loki is a natural with knives, with unerring accuracy he can hit every target Balder sets up for him and praises the godling for it. Looking at Balder with something akin to awe and hero worship Loki just eats it up and determines to master everything Balder can teach him. As he nears his teenage years Loki also masters the spear in combat and, with the exception of Balder, bests everyone who challenges him. The Enchantress seems to be everywhere that Loki goes and he has accepted her attentions as a friend even though he pays for it with teasing from Thor, whose only concern is battle and sports.

On a beautiful day Odin declares a hunt and the family and a small retinue of soldiers prepare for and depart the capital city to go three days into the Asguardian wilderness. The Enchantress is invited by Loki and travels with Frigga and himself. When they reach a spot that Odin deems fit to make camp the three children decide to explore on their ponies. Frigga warns them not to wonder too far off and has Balder go with them. After only a short distance from the camp Thor spots a white stag and gives chase after it as he’s going to catch it and make it grant him a wish. Ignoring Balder’s warning that “These woods are haunted!” Thor chases after the stag with the other children following him leaving Balder no choice but to go after them. Loki and The Enchantress become separated from Thor and now realise they are lost. Balder catches up to Thor and rips the son of Odin a new one as he sends him back to the camp to get others to help search for Loki and The Enchantress.

Balder dismounts to look for clues as to where the children went and he finds pony sized hoof prints so he remounts his horse and takes off after them. Meanwhile the stag has shown itself to Loki and The Enchantress and they go chasing after it and while they are in pursuit The Enchantress’ pony goes lame and they leave it behind tied to a tree as she rides behind Loki on his pony. They come to a clearing and they see the stag entangled in some thorns. Thinking that just for once he’s actually going to best Thor in something as he rides up to the entangled stag and attempts to grab its antlers to make it grant him a wish. The moment he touches it, the stag turns into a Narn warrior who grabs Loki, tucks him under one arm and seizes a screaming Enchantress by her hands. Loki takes a knife out from under his shirt and stabs the Narn warrior who drops him and releases The Enchantress. The children run for Loki’s pony but it takes off in fright and they find themselves threatened by a very angry Narn warrior. Loki holds his knife in very shaking hands to try and defend themselves when Balder appears and charges at the Narn warrior beheading him.

Balder orders the children to mount up behind him as scores of Narn warriors come pouring out from the woods. They surround Balder and the children and handicapped by having to defend them from all sides Balder is wounded several times before a very authoritative woman’s voice cries out to stop. Enter the third person in this saga of the God of mischief, Carnilla, Queen of the Narns. Played by Monica Bellucci (Coppala’s version of DRACULA, BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) She orders the children to be bound and taken to her fortress and orders that a stretcher be made and Balder is to be put on it as he is still alive.
When they get to Carnilla’s fortress she has the children taken to an old unused nursery and Balder to the rooms of healing. Once Balder’s helmet and armour are removed Carnilla is smitten with his manly beauty and decides to tend to him herself. As she is a witch, she knows all about the curative powers of herbs and potions, as well as how to cast spells to make someone fall in love with you. After tending to Balder’s wounds, Carnilla goes to the nursery to confront the children. Loki puts on a brave face and tries to identify himself, but Carnilla cuts him off, saying “I know who you are Loki Odinson. I am Carnilla, Queen of the Narns and you are the tools I will use to bring Odin to his knees. He will pay for the deaths of my husband and my beloved sons with every drop of blood that will drip from your veins while he watches. Carnilla will have her revenge.”
Bravely Loki keeps himself between The Enchantress and Carnilla and he pulls another hidden knife from under his tunic and charges Carnilla telling The Enchantress to run. With her magic, Carnilla slams the nursery door shut and levitates Loki up from the floor while his knife dissolves into dust. Carnilla snarls and calls him a little fool as she grabs him by the throat. The moment she touches him she temporarily goes blank and then sets him down on the floor. Instantly she knows exactly what Loki is and what he will become in time. Her attitude towards him and The Enchantress changes and speaking pleasantly to them she asks if they are hungry and takes them to the fortress’ great hall where food and drink are placed before them. After some encouragement Carnilla gets them to eat and when Loki asks about Balder, Carnilla agrees to take them to see him and assures the boy that he is being well cared for.

Meanwhile Thor has found his way to the hunting camp and told Odin and Frigga about Loki and The Enchantress getting lost while chasing a white stag. Odin orders Thor to stay behind as he leaves a handful of Asguardian soldiers in the camp as the rest, Frigga included, mount up and follow the signs of Loki and The Enchantress’ pony tracks. They find The Enchantress’ pony and send it back with an Asguardian warrior as they continue following the tracks. When they come to the clearing a warrior spots several pools of blood informing Odin there was a battle here. There are no bodies, so no way of knowing who is dead. Frigga berates herself for letting the children go off on their own. Odin gruffly reminds her that they aren’t babies anymore and soon will be grown men, but he senses magic has been used here and he divines where it came from. He sends three warriors back to Asguard to muster as many men as they can and march on the fortress of the Narn Queen. Frigga orders them to assemble the Valkyries as she fully intends to fight to get her son back.

Carnilla takes the children to the healing room to see the wounded Balder and assures them that he will recover from his wounds, but she also tells them that they will never again see Asguard for she is going to take both children as hostages and raise them as her own. Balder will become her lover and she will fill his nights with ecstasy as long as he renounces his oath given to Odin to serve him and pledges to serve her as his Queen. Balder rejects her, but she isn’t deterred. He will become her paramour and sit by her side to rule as her consort. “…Of that I am certain.”

A Narn warrior bursts through the door informing her that hordes of Asguardians are marching onto the fortress and she orders all Narn warriors to the fortress and she drags Loki and The Enchantress out the door with her. Carnilla takes the children to the battlements of her castle and shows them to Odin and Frigga to taunt them while holding Loki in her arms and to tell them to make their goodbyes as they will never see them again for she has taken them in hostarage as payment for the loss of her husband and two sons at the hand of Odin. Frigga screams “Never! Give me my son back!” Slyly Carnilla taunts her back with “YOUR son? Not any more.”
Enraged Frigga lets loose an arrow which Carnilla stops only scant inches from her heart and with a touch of her finger turns it to dust. Taking the children back to Balder, Carnilla orders them to be guarded well as she leaves to defend her fortress against The Asguardians.
It is a bloody battle as Odin, using his speer blasts through the main gate and they pour in to head for the fortress to free the children. Frigga and her Valkyries break through and enter the Fortress and they take on all defenders while searching for the children. Meanwhile Balder has over powered his guard and he and the children take off. He is still weak from his wounds but he still fights valiantly as they come across Frigga and her Valkyries. With Loki safe and sound Frigga hugs and kisses him and then they fight their way out of the fortress only to be confronted by Carnilla who engages Frigga in battle over the children. This battle is brief because Odin has won and declared that all fighting must cease. Odin tries to call a truce with Carnilla, who refuses, but he will not have any more blood shed as the children are back with him and there is no more need to fight. Carnilla warns that even though he was won this time, one day Carnilla will rule supreme and have her vengeance for the loss of her loved ones.

Odin and the Asguardians leave and Carnilla thinks to herself that since Loki isn’t their son, but a frost giant the boy will bring them nothing but grief and because she knows that Loki is the Harbinger of Ragnarok their ultimate down fall and she can be patient.
Because of their experience in Narnhiem, Loki and The Enchantress have become closely bonded and spend more time in each others company until they become lovers upon reaching adulthood. Even though she’s a terrible flirt and has taken multiple loves during her life she always comes back to Loki as he is the only friend she really has and the same can be said of Loki as well.
Even though Mr. Hiddleston is only briefly shown, I do believe much more of Loki’s backround has been fleshed out and why he really cannot bring himself to actually do in his “family” because he actually does still love them.


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