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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

UPDATE: This article was originally published several months ago -

BlackTree.TV recently had an interview with Kevin Feige, film producer and President of Production at Marvel Studios. In the interview, interviewer Jamaal Finkley mentions two Marvel superhero movies he would like to see in theaters. 1.) [Black Panther](movie:9047), 2.) [Loki Spinoff](movie:1110645).

Once Jamaal says "Black Panther," Kevin has this uncomfortable look on his face and nervously scratches his head but once he hears Loki, HIS EYES GET ALL BRIGHT AND FULL OF GLEE. I found this very unreassuring and further through the interview, Kevin just keeps rambling on about the second choice (Loki.)

Then with the last few minutes (barely) he dances around the question for Black Panther and says "I don't know when exactly." Pretty much saying "we haven't really done much for the movie but we are so in for Loki." If you can be all excited about making a movie on an alien/god that's supposed to be a villain, then why not make a Black Panther movie? (A king of Wakanda.)

So tell me readers what do you think about this news? Personally I find this quite annoying to watch.


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