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Halloween is coming up kids! You may have already read my (VERY) popular list on the top 5 horror movies to watch on Halloween and felt disappointed at the sheer amount of mainstream horror (and non-horror) on there! That wasn't intentional, I was just trying to create a list of films that were somewhat related to Halloween and that was the best I could come up with. However, I understand that a lot of you have seen all of that stuff before and are after something new. You're after something that you've never seen before! Most of these films are ones which I discovered by accident, and was very pleasantly surprised. So allow me to guide you as you venture into the unknown... P.S. I'm sorry if you have seen some of these before, but there has to be one you've never heard of!

5) 7 DAYS

Some of you may have gone to see Prisoners recently (I'm going this Saturday!) and liked the idea of a man getting revenge on the man who abducted his child. Well, here's a similar French-Canadian tale which no one seems to really talk about. 7 Days follows a doctor whose young daughter has been raped and attacked by a psychopath on her way to school. Obviously, he's devastated and decides to daringly kidnap the man who did it and torture him for 7 gruelling days. Some of you may be put off by the idea, dismissing it as mindless torture-porn, but you're wrong. 7 Days actually features very little gore. It's much more concerned with creating an absorbing plot, unsettling atmosphere and interesting characters. That's not to say that it isn't gory, because when it comes it comes brutally thick and fast. It's also often very tense with an emotionally disturbed cop hot on our hero's heels. 7 Days raises some thought-provoking questions about revenge and vigilantism, whilst also bringing a powerful emotional punch. I highly recommend you check this one out if you're after some powerful and depressing cinema.


Antibodies is a superior German serial-killer thriller in the vein of The Silence of the Lambs. It follows a seriously sickening psycho (Gabriel, pictured above) who has finally been captured by the police. When our hero policeman tries to get Gabriel to confess to the murders, he confesses all but one and tries to help solve the case in his own devious way. The film that follows is a thrilling battle of wits, deception and intrigue. Antibodies had me on the edge of my seat as the brilliant mystery was being played out. It also had me gasping in shock at the various twists and turns. Antibodies also delivers a unpredictably thrilling finale which will have you wondering why no one has seen this! If you like deliciously dark and taut thrillers, then you really don't want to miss out on this German gem!


Who's afraid of clowns? Well, you'd be better off not watching The Last Circus if you are! The Last Circus is a Spanish film which combines horror and romance to create a truly original, surreal and bizarre film concerning two warring clowns. A beautiful trapeze artist is engaged in a lustful relationship with the misogynistic Happy Clown, Sergio, however the kind-hearted Sad Clown, Javier is in love with her and they begin an affair behind the Happy Clown's back. The Happy Clown is obviously not happy when he finds out and from there on the film becomes a strange and compelling journey into insanity. Álex de la Iglesia's horror-comedy manages to somehow be hilarious and unsettling at the same time. The film is directed with a wonderful energy and is hugely stylish. The Last Circus deserves to become a cult classic as it's unlike anything I've ever seen. It motors along at a fast pace and is full of unforgettable surrealist imagery such as a clown machine-gunning a restaurant! It also builds to an unforgettably tragic and madly melodramatic climax that may just leave a tear or two in your eyes. The Last Circus is well worth your time!

2) 5150 ELM'S WAY

Now here’s a film that really deserves more attention! I would’ve never have heard of this film if it wasn’t for my Amazon recommendations (they know what I like ;). I read the plot, thinking that it sounded like my kind of thing and then I watched the trailer. Immediately after the trailer finished I bought the film. 5150 Elm’s Way is a dangerously underrated French-Canadian film which follows a film student, Yannick who falls off his bike and decides to knock on the house of a mad man called Jacques who lives at (you guessed it!) 5150 Elm’s Way. Jacques and his family are heavily religious and he believes that God has sent him to kill criminals as it’s “righteous”. Unfortunately Yannick discovers a tied up criminal upstairs, to which Jacques immediately locks Yannick in a squalid room to prevent him calling the police. 5150 Elm’s Way thrives on its beautifully complex and realised characters. Jacques isn’t your typical silent serial killer. He kills for a reason and also has a family, who support his actions until Yannick comes along to throw a spanner in the works. Jacques can’t let him go, but he also doesn't want to hurt him because Yannick isn't an evil person. What follows is some nail-biting family tension, thrilling escape-plans, a trip to insanity and a horrifying game of chess. 5150 Elm’s Way is horror like you’ve never seen before. The title may be terrible, but the film itself is a near-masterpiece and it’s your duty to check it out immediately!


If films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity scare you to the core, then it’s best you stay away from Noroi: The Curse as you’ll probably have a heart attack. Horror films don’t generally scare me. I can quite happily watch The Exorcist on my own, in the dark and not feel scared at all. However, when I watched Noroi: The Curse on my own and in the dark for the first time I nearly wet myself. This is the scariest film I’ve ever seen, and chances are that you’ve never even heard of it! Noroi: The Curse is a Japanese found footage horror film which follows a cute, portly TV journalist as he investigates several reported mysterious missing incidents which have dire consequences which I won’t spoil. The film terrifyingly explores the supernatural and the occult with brutal effectiveness. The mystery is also a gripping one to follow as it introduces some bizarre and memorable characters. The acting is so good, that you’ll probably believe it's real, which makes the film feel even scarier. It builds to a shattering climax that never fails to set my heart racing. Noroi: The Curse doesn’t just feature one of the scariest endings of all time, but some of the scariest scenes of all time too. It’s very hard to find, because it hasn’t had a wide release, however I’m sure if it did have it would be hailed as one of the scariest films of all time. There’s a decent quality version on YouTube. Just make sure that you watch it alone, with all the lights off to get the full terrifying effect and a really scary Halloween!

We've reached the end now, my friends, and I can't reiterate more that you seek these films out and watch them ready for Halloween. They're all well worth your time and even if you don't like some of them, they will all provoke a strong reaction. If you've seen any of these, or know of any more great films that no one has seen, then please tell me in the comment section below!


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