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The ratings have dropped in the last two weeks for the new badass team. Which is sad, because I like it. Sure there really isn't one villain that they track down and fight every week, but it still pulls you in. It's Marvel and it deals with the Avengers, granted they don't have any cameos of the Avengers. Nick Fury did come in for five mins, for one episode and everyone went crazy for it.

Could they bring in Thor? Iron Man? or Dr. Banner in one episode? Maybe, but Joss Whedon said he didn't want to use up any favors that he could "cash" in the future. They mention briefly of some characters and what happened in the Avengers. They even brought back the Extremis from Iron Man 3 which was pretty cool for a pilot episode. But instead of the cameos of certain powers/ abilities/ equipment/ etc. We need a bad guy in the mix here, someone they fight with every so often....the ultimate villain. In the Hawaii Five O in 1968 Steve McGarrett had Wo Fat for a nemesis, same in the new version which launched in 2010. Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, Professor X and Magento, etc. you get the idea.

In a few of the episodes they have mentioned the "Centipede" which harnesses the power of the Extremis. Last week they stole a power from a known "super" with fire control abilities. They were going to use it in the test subjects so they wouldn't go into a meltdown. If they are going to use that story line, we need more of it, not every other episode. It would be a good story line to continue on and maybe we find out who the leader of that organization is, could he or she be that villain we are hoping for? I hope they make the right decision here and make this a long lasting series. Firefly was a bust after fourteen episodes and now everyone enjoys Agents of Shield, hopefully it doesn't have the same fate as Firefly.


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