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Devin Robinson

Here is the trailer if you have yet to see it: It looks like S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to be a very big part of this movie, which means that Marvel’s Agents of Shield is likely going to lead up to this very movie. What this means is that it could lead to the Avenger’s appearance in the waning episodes of the TV show. This means that it could be based around the sub-textual conflict in Agents of Shield, of whether the government having all this power, control, and surveillance technology is really justifiable. And it seems to me that a Captain America movie would be the best place to set up this conflict that is so relevant in our modern age.

This leads me to a conversation I was having with my friends about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which we discussed exactly why Marvel Studios bringing in all these heroes into film, and more importantly how they are all connected. With 5 TV shows planned and who knows how many movies they have to be planning something big right? Something epic. Now, one of my friends brought up a Marvel story arc, that I personally ever thought could be made into a movie, The Civil War. No really, think about it, it all started with Shield and the superhuman registration act and Captain America’s opposition to it, and in Agents it is already said that S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps tabs on super powered individuals, individuals who may or may not pose a threat to national security, by means of NSA like surveillance of not only communications, but actually tapping into video feed. And how do they enforce this? By means of a giant ass flying airship and a fleet of little baby airships of course! All this to “neutralize threats before they happen” (Nick Fury, 1:06), this is obviously something Cap’ is morally opposed to, arguing that he “thought the punishment came after the crime" and says that “this isn’t freedom, its fear.” After all, aren’t these the guys that were willing to NUKE New York city to stop an alien army? Seems like the type to take away the freedoms of super powered citizens, and if there is anything Cap’ loves, it’s his freedom, and I don’t know about you guys, but I think he is the kind of guy that will fight for it.

Now, for a civil war, we will need a lot more than a handful of superheroes, but is it more than so many movies and five TV shows can provide? In particular my friends and I discussed the possibility that the new X-Men movie, days of future past, might try to tie in more with the Marvel cinematic cannon, which has not happened yet and will be interesting to see. Moreover Marvel has stated that it will use all the characters it can get, amassing an army for a civil war. In general though, I think a civil war plotline would be perfect and totally relevant for today’s trends, and one thing Marvel has always been was relevant. But what do you guys think about the big picture and how it relates to this gathering of heroes?


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