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I've become quite the fan of Arrow, the actors are all decent and it has a good story. A few times they've screwed up on characters but I didn't mind, like Deathstroke was a waste of a character and Slade Wilson who is also Deathstroke is completely backwards. I enjoyed this episode, it had good character moments for Oliver, Officer Lance, and Laurel along with a solid creepy villain so yeah I enjoyed it....until the ending. SPOILERS AHEAD!

I facepalmed at this ending, a ninja comes to the Canary and tells her that Ra's Al Ghul wants her to come back to the League of Assassins but she doesn't want to. Ugh...great so Canary isn't Laurel like she's supposed to be and was in the comics and she's an ex-student of Ra's Al Ghul. Way to ruin a great character writers. I understand that with adaptations there are the three rules:

1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Reduction

But you could have easily adapted this, instead of Laurel hating Arrow after the earthquke make it so that she's inspired by him so she wears a blonde wig then goes out as Black Canary: boom I just solved this character.

Also Ra's Al Ghul? Why? Okay what is with the sudden popularity of Ra's? I mean I love Ra's Al Ghul, he's a great villain in the comics but he's not a Green Arrow villain; I can understand putting Deadshot in the show because he's an assassin but Ra's just seems like the writers don't know what Green Arrow villains to adapt so they are trying to use Batman's villains. Honestly I've seen worse character adaptations and ending *cough* Iron Man 3 *cough* and I doubt it'll get worse. Jinx.

So yeah other than that ending, I really enjoyed the episode. What were your guys' thoughts?


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