ByEvan James Hewitt, writer at
Evan James Hewitt

Below are my thoughts on the up-and-coming Justice League movie:

The only way a Justice League movie can live up to it's counterpart The Avengers is to have Zach Snyder and (if possible) Christopher Nolan direct/produce or at least be directorial consultants. Marvel did it correctly with Joss Whedon. While he has not produced all the Marvel movies, he has consulted on many of them. This created a linear tone between films and characters. The Justice League needs and deserves an amazing director to create the perfect ensemble superhero film. The Justice League will just be cheesy if it doesn't have the gritty, serious tone as the Dark Knight or Man of Steel (e.i Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern). I think all of the Justice League characters are amazing but without the correct tone and cinematic debut, they will probably be overshadowed by Superman and Batman.

Snyder, you're our only hope.


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