ByAaron Ku Gonzalez, writer at
Aaron Ku Gonzalez

Hello moviepilots! I have to share with you my thoughts today. You know, although I loved Captain America: The First Avenger I do have to say that I had some issues with the movie. Just a few issues moviepilots so bare with me okay ;) first things first:

1. Not enough time to display Captain America's abilities i.e. Not displaying how fast he can run, how much he can lift, or how high can he jump. I would've loved the movie to show more details on this. They could've shown this in bootcamp training, for example have Captain America do a sprinting, jumping, lifting test. Also testing him against other soldiers to see what kind of effects the serum had on Steve Rogers. I still loved the movie but if I were a director I would've re-shot some scenes. Like I said you are trying to promote Captain America's strength, and how do you do that? By showing exactly what a super soldier is capable of doing.

2. I didn't like the way they were showing Cap being stopped by Hydra soldiers when he can handle his own with the chitari, that didn't make sense to me.

Well moviepilots these are some of my rants on Captain America: The First Avenger movie. How about you? Did you have any issues with this movie as I did? Pass me Captain America's shield by commenting below, thanks guys.


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