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X-Men fans can breathe a sigh of relief. As everyone knows by now, Brian Singer has returned to the helm of the latest X-Men sequel, Days of Future Past, which promises to serve as both X-Men 4 and First Class 2, though from the interviews available online, and just from the fact that Singer is directing it, we can all assume that this film is going to be much more of a sequel than it is a prequel, and that is nothing but good news for the series.

While First Class was an admittedly fun summer distraction, it lacked any of the subtlety of the first two films, and felt more like the re-boot it was intended to be than a true prequel. In fact all First Class really accomplished was adding inconsistences to the mythology. First Class credits Beast with having invented Cererbro, while the original film, X-Men, states that Charles and Eric created it together. First Class goes further into deconstruction the timeline of the series when it has Charles Xavier paralyzed by the end of the film, only this doesn’t make sense, since he is seen walking at the beginning of X-Men 3, and at the end of X-Men Origins. Oh, and wait, aren’t they still friends at the beginning of X-Men 3, when they’re both much older than they are at the end of First Class, when they’re depicted as enemies?

So you get my point. First Class was obviously intended as a series reboot, that could get around the fact that many of the series favorites were killed off in the last film, but it was executed poorly, caring little for the details of the series. But that’s why Singers here, with a fantastic plot that promises to tie in all those loose ends and bring those fallen heroes we love and miss back from the dead. I personally can’t wait to watch the man who first brought life to the comic book heroes bring them back once again to the screen, in their former glory.

Let us know your thoughts on the sequel and tell us who you’re most looking forward to seeing return to the series.


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