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Average Price of a Movie Ticket

With the rise of inflation and the costs of big budget movies, the average ticket price is now over $8 in 2013. Year after year, we have seen a rise of about 20 cents. What is impressive this year, is we've seen a jump by 40 cents as reported by ScreenCrush. Why is this happening? Because movie studios aren't making as much profit from movies, and they need a way to make more money from ticket prices. That is why theaters are charging more.

Bring in the Mega Movies

Now we are seeing a trend in 3D movies and IMAX movies as well to create a better movie experience. More bang for your buck. And that includes a lot of bucks. Taking my wife to see a 3D IMAX movie costs us around $36 just for the tickets. That means we have to have buttery popcorn as our dinner. (The price of popcorn at a theater today is another topic.)

Just this year, we saw a bundled ticket package for World War Z. For $50 you got the movie, a poster, 3D glasses, and a pre-order of a HD version of the movie. Not bad of a deal when you think about it. But what will this lead to in the future?

“Going to the movies is going to cost you $50, maybe $100, maybe $150,” Lucas said at a recent panel discussion at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Lucas and Spielberg go on to equate the future of the move theater experience to that of a broadway show or even a sporting event. If this is the case, then shouldn't we as movie goers demand a movie that is worth these prices?

More Than Spectacle

Which brings us to the movie Gravity. For those of us who have seen this movie, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful looking movie. The special effects created in the movie really help to create the look and feel of zero gravity and the solitude of space. Was it enough? Were we just bamboozled by the images on the screen, and hypnotized by the large, slowly rotating Earth in the background that we applauded a lackluster story of survival? Don't we want a great story with great visuals no matter the price?

Let's look at Avatar. Again, we have that amazing 3D experience that help pull us into the story. The story itself wasn't original. But it had action and excitement that carried our attention to the end.

How about The Matrix? It pretty much raised the bar for all action films with its special Bullet Time cameras. And it provided a fairly original story, even if the sequels fell flat. And it didn't rely on 3D or IMAX. Isn't that what we are after? But do we need to only see action movies? What about movies like Rush or The King's Speech? Don't these deserve an IMAX experience? I would say yes to both.

We want high-caliber films as movie goers. And that is pretty obvious. If Hollywood wants our money, and we want to go out and enjoy the experience. Then we need to know which movies are worth it.

That is why exists. Hollywood, if you want my money then make great films. Or else, I'm keeping my wallet shut until I can watch it on TV.


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