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A few days ago I compiled a list of five superheroes that might plausibly get some face time in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series on ABC. After thinking about it, I’ve found I made a huge error while writing it. Sure, there might be a hero every now and then, but what the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. really needs is villains! So far we’ve seen the birth of one and the demise of another, as well as a possibly misguided organization of hackers and a science collective with members high on IQ and low on morals. What should we expect next? As it happens, I still have that list, but it’s a bit different now that I’ve traded out the heroes with villains.

Purple man

This guy actually frightens me a bit, and anyone who’s read the Marvel MAX series Alias should know why. He might have gotten his powers from a “centipede” incident, or some kind of bio… you know what? I don’t care. He somehow has powers, and the powers lets him mind control people on a massive scale. And it’s not just mind control, he actually makes you believe you want to do those things he tells you to. It’s normal, until his control is broken. It’s a built-in Stockholm syndrome! We’re talking years of therapy to anyone who’s been in his vicinity for an extended period of time. Stopping him might be one of the tasks where FitzSimmons and Skye could shine with the rest of the team being the compromised first response.


A huge hulk-like unstoppable thing comprised of electrically charged gamma irradiated seemingly semi-intelligent gas (I know, but it makes more sense than the orginal origin) begins popping up, goes on a rampage and disappears, then repeats the cycle. Now, how do you stop something like that that? How do you even figure where it’s gonna strike? And is there someone out there controlling this thing? If so, what are they after? This can make an episode with a nice “monster of the week” vibe, while at the same time work as a hook for centipede or whoever pulls at strings in the background.


The team is summoned to the Canadian wilderness to check an artifact of unknown origin. But they find the excavation team who found it brutally murdered on arrival and the artifact missing. The artifact has a guardian, and no amount of technology can explain who or what the Wendigo is. This might also be a golden opportunity for Omega Flights Talisman to make a guest appearance.


No, that’s not a typo. While MODOK is an awesome villain, if a bit silly looking, I’m not sure he would transfer all that well into live action. But if AIM ever gets its spot in the tv-show (we know the centipede has some of their tech, so there’s at least some connection) it wouldn’t be all that farfetched to believe they’ve developed some (docile) Mental Organisms Designed Only for Computing. And who knows, maybe one of them woke up and turned rogue, or latched onto Skye as some kind of hyperintelligent pet?! Too anime? Yeah… too anime.

Grim Reaper (and Wonder Man)

Two brothers, Centipede (or AIM or whatever) high tech stuff and voila! Two very high powered individuals way out of our agents league. Thankfully only one of them goes on a robber spree, while the other tries to stop him because apparently he has a conscience. Of course, he doesn’t want help tracking him down, so he’s still a major threat to our heroes. Also, I guess some kind of revenge plot against Centipede is in order to fill the episode out.

What villains do you think are likely to appear in future episodes? Take it to the comments below.


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