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Without a doubt, Robin is my favorite superhero ever. Yes, thats right, I count him as a superhero. There have been several people to take on the indentity of Batman's most trusted friend. Those people include Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, and Carrie Kelly. But my overall favorite has to be Tim Drake, here are my reasons why. First things first, yes this is suppossed to be a very opinionated article. Also, I just want to say, I have nothing against Dick Grayson or Jason Todd, I just think Tim did a better of giving Robin a good reputation. In 1940, almost a year after premeired to the public, Robin was introduced. The Robin at that time was Dick Grayson, and he improved the sales of Batman comics. At that time, the general audience of comic books were children, so DC (which at the time was called National Allied Publishing), decided to introduce Robin in order for kids to relate more to him rather than Batman. In other words, kids can't see themselves as Batman, but maybe they can see themselves as Robin.

Well...the sales worked, but unfortunately problems occured. Because of child-delinquency and violence, many people thought that comics were responsible for these actions. In 1954, German born-American psychiatrist, Dr. Fredric Wertham's novel "Seduction of the Innocent", he had a whole chapter dedicated to how he thought Batman and Robin were gay. What a douche! Anyways, after leading the Teen Titans (or should I say, establishing it) for awhile, Dick Grayson put away the Robin indentity, and became Nightwing.

Later on, another Robin was introduced, this time his name was Jason Todd. And he was first shown famously stealing the tires off the Batmobile. But the way they wrote him didn't work out too well. They made him seem more like a guy that Batman shouldn't trust, in other words, a jerk. Jason Todd eventually was killed by the Joker. So who should be Robin now? Not Dick Grayson, he's already Nightwing! So they brought along Tim Drake.

Unlike the previous Robins at the time, he wasn't an orphan, and he was the first Robin to discover Batman's secret identity on his own. He came up to Batman and was like, "Look, I know you feel sorry for what happened to Jason, but you need my help. Batman needs Robin". So Batman, eventually came to terms, and allowed Tim to be the third Robin. Tim Drake was instantly a popular character, he was most notable for his detective skills. He had become so popular, he was eventually the first Robin to get his own comic book title, which lasted for almost two decades.

This was a great thing for Robin because it showed that Robin can have great adventures without Batman having to be there. Also, I loved what he did to the costume, I'm glad that he went with ninja instead of pixie . He left for awhile, but Stephanie Brown (Tim Drake's on-and-off girlfriend), became temporary Robin. "Temporary" as in, she was shot by Black Mask. Tim Drake became Robin again after that. He later became Red Robin after Damian Wayne came along, but I still prefer him as Robin. So overall, I think Tim Drake is my favorite Robin because I feel like he was more of an asset to Batman, and he was able to have Robin taken seriously for once. His costume was also used for Dick Grayson's costume in "Batman: The Animated Series", because let's face it, it's the only look people would take seriously at that point.

Also, in "Batman: Arkham City", great Robin costume by the way, he has shown once again that Robin can be REALLY REALLY cool. In my opinion, he had the best character cameos out of the entire game. If you haven't seen it already, here is the scene.


I had freaked out when I saw this, I was like, "OMG, it's Robin". Now if only we could get Logan Lerman to play him in a movie, that would be great. Well, those are some of my main reasons why Tim is my favorite, do you agree, or diasagree? If you disagree, please don't say anything mean about it, I take this character very very seriously.

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