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With Thor: The Dark World due in cinemas this coming week (I have my ticket already), certain quarters have been asking about a possibly third solo film for the God of Thunder. Speaking to /Film, Marvel’s Kevin Feige updated on this matter, and also addressed a possibly Loki spin-off movie.

The Marvel head honcho said, “Thor’s next adventure will be Avengers: Age of Ultron, but there are things that you will see at the end of Thor: The Dark World that certainly hint towards and could lead towards a third Thor adventure. We definitely have a story we’d like to tell.”

It had previously been claimed by Natalie Portman, Thor‘s Jane Foster, that she’d heard talk of a third Thor movie, and Marvel do currently have a couple of available slots in their Phase Three of films.

At present, Phase Three will kick off with 2015′s Ant-Man, and it will also feature a third Avengers film, and possibly a Doctor Strange outing. That leaves room for two more films, and the choice for these slots have been further narrowed down by the fact that we Marvel currently have zero plans for another Iron Man movie.

As well as these projects, fans have been calling for a Loki solo film, with a petition even circulating online to give the God of Mischief his time to shine. Feige addressed this demand, saying, “I don’t think a Loki movie would be before Thor 3, if there is a Thor 3. We don’t build any of the movies to be trilogies: we work on one movie at a time. But what’s interesting about The Dark World is it is a completion of a trilogy already, if you look at the first Thor, Avengers and then The Dark World – particularly for the character of Loki. You will see a very sort of cohesive arc for that character.”

Expect my review of Thor: The Dark World to be up on the site later this week, likely the early hours of Wednesday morning.


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