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If you’re like me, you have had enough of all these sparkle in the daylight-Vampire boyfriends and you are ready for an honest-to-God Vampire Slayer to come back and save us from all this sugary sweetness.

It’s been the trend with movie franchises like Twilight and the HBO series True Blood, to see Vampires as the romantic leads rather than the villain of the typical horror tale. That theme is about as played out as a war between Vampires & Werewolves.

I think it’s time for the Day-Walking Dhampir from Marvel Comics to return in a reboot of everybody’s favorite Vampire Slayer; Blade.

The original New Line Cinema’s Blade Movie was a success with its debut in 1998, combining the action, violence and gore needed in a movie about slaying Vampires.

In 2002, The follow-up; Blade II- directed by Guillermo Del Toro, was an even better sequel, grossing more than the 1st movie. Del Toro went on to direct the two Hellboy films as well.

It was Blade III in 2004, where it all seemed to go wrong with the franchise. The movie just seemed to be more comedy relief than Horror/Action. The movie had the lowest box office of the Trilogy and Wesley Snipes actually sued New Line Cinemas because he felt he lost too much screen time to Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds.

Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to Blade, It will be interesting to see who they cast as the lead. Wesley Snipes is doubtful, not just because of age but also because of the laundry list of legal problems he has. Marvel would do well to cast a younger lead for Blade, so that the franchise can continue.

As I’ve stated in previous articles, Marvel Knights might be a possible Franchise in Phase 3 or If Marvel follows through on plans for putting shows on Netflix, then Marvel Knights would be a perfect show and could be made Rated "R." We know Blade is available as well as Moon Knight, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Daredevil. Another show Marvel is considering for Netflix is a "Heroes for Hire" show, featuring... Power Man & Iron Fist! So if Marvel does the reboot, or makes a new Blade series on TV, Who do you think should be cast as the new Blade?


Who would you Cast as Blade?


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