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So I'm watching TDKR, and I'm thinking to myself: "Bane is supposed to be MASSIVE!" Although Tom Hardy did a good job as the Dark Knight's villain, he lacked in size and the whole character of Bane from the comic books was very different from the film's adaptation.

Which led me to this. That trilogy is over, we have a new Batman, a new universe is being introduced. This is the prefect opportunity to start re-imagining these characters to fit in this new, high-powered, god like universe.

Starting with Bane, I feel like this character can be portrayed much more true to the character than Hardy's take. Nothing on Hardy, but in Affleck's Batman movies, there's no room for a Bane who was just a bit bigger than Bale's Batman (especially in the last fight scene).

What would I do to make this character come to life? Brian Shaw. That's all. Let me explain...

The character of Bane is 6'8" 400lbs. There aren't many actors out there that can fit this mold, heck, there probably aren't any. But Brian Shaw isn't an actor. He's a strongman.

A two-time World's Strongest Man winning strongman at that. (2011 & 2013) who just so happens to be 6'8"440lbs! Meeting the height and weight of Bane!

This casting is so perfect I really can't stress how great this will work out. Being the accomplished strongman he is, the physical work and the action scenes are a piece of cake (or protein) for him. Having his physical presence can easily steal every scene he's in. Now onto the tricky part...

The voice. Bane's voice in TDKR was incredible...when I saw it for the first time in theaters. It was one of those voices that hit you hard and it pierced your skin it felt like. But it was hard to understand sometimes especially in the scene right when he's about to snap Dagget's neck and whatever he says after "I'm Gotham's reckoning", I can't seem to comprehend. After watching it several more times and getting it on blu-ray, his voice started to become more laughable at times especially in the scene where he gives his speech in front of Blackgate.

My solution? Henry Silva.

That's right, he's the voice of Bane in Batman: The Animated Series. Bane is a Latin based character and what better to voice him than not only an actor of Spanish decent but also the man that played him in the amazing Animated series! If you have your personal favorite Bane voice from across the years then you can substitute them here, but I feel like Silva did the best job.


That's my "revamped" version of Bane and how I think he should be portrayed in Affleck's reboot. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Let's debate!!


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