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Alright I like stories about people who can hear the dead. Maybe it's from those wasted days of my youth doing mind altering drugs while listening to a certain counter culture band. Or maybe it's because just before the fall of the Berlin Wall I discovered Necroscope. A series of books by Brian Lumley.

Before Odd Thomas there was Harry Keogh the Necroscope. Harry was just a run of the mill British lad until he learned he could talk to dead people and they not only liked talking to him because there's nobody to talk to when you die but the dead keep practicing and improving on what they did in life, they taught him many things like his Gym teacher that died taught him self defense and helped him deal with bullies. When he was having trouble with Math he goes to talk to Mobius who eventually helps him figure out teleportation by using the Mobius Continuum. He eventually gets recruited By British intelligences E-branch which specializes in ESPionage because of course in Russia there's someone that can learn from the Dead also, But the dead don't like him because he is a Necromancer: a person that learns the dead's secrets by eating them. Trained by a Wamphyri (pronounced according to Brian Lumley)

"Vam" as in vampire – "phyr" as in fear – and "i" as in eek! Vam-fear-ee, with a hissed, slightly extended emphasis on the fear bit!"

His name is Boris Dragosani and he works for the russian equivalant of Britains E-branch. Needless to say when these two agencies battle mayhem ensues and it doesn't end after the last chapter either. But I don't want to ruin the story for you. Take my word for it read the first novel and you'll want more.

What I do want from this story that spawned 15 sequels, a comic book and a graphic novel is the movie version. Yes I want to see Harry Keogh popping out of the Mobius continuum onto the silver screen in Imax and 3D kicking some Boris Dragasoni Ass!

There was some excitement about this almost a year ago when on the finale of season 3 of SyFy's makeup special effects show Face off Glenn Hetrick told SyFy's McKenzie Westmore that he is writing and producing Necroscope.


Then a couple of weeks later we got an official update from the wife of author Brian Lumley, Barbara Ann (Silky) Lumley, from their website,

"Okay folks, I've just been informed of the announcement Glenn Hetrick made on Face Off. We don't know anything about this as yet. We've received no information on the contract being renewed by our LA Agent. This contract is due for renewal this month. As soon as we know anything for sure we'll let you know ... that is, if someone let's us know. Please don't contact the webmaster with all your posts or myself ... as stated above, as soon as I know anything I'll post it in this forum, I promise... I can see that people are getting excited, and you all are getting me exited as well when I've gone and looked at some of the links about this on Google ... so let's just keep our fingers crossed...

But then Silence. I can't seem to find anything else about it. I did see one post saying that he'd made the deal for the rights and Told Mr. Lumley that he promised to stay true to the books, and that he was keeping the project hush hush. Glenn Hetrick seems like he would be a good fit for a Necroscope adaptation as some of the required make-ups would be highly detailed and truly horrific. Hetrick just finished working on Hunger Games 2 and is no stranger to sci-fi and horror. He even posted some concept designs on his MySpace page back then.

That was a year ago. I have been waiting to see this movie made since the early 90's and I am still anxiously awaiting so please Mr. Hetrick make my nightmares come true!

What do you think? Have you read the books? Do you think this could be a great franchise? I do.


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