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Say what you want about the 2003 version. Good or bad it still is in need of a reboot. It wasn't given the proper treatment and I don't put all the blame on our future Batman. Yes Colin Farrell was over the top and definitely was a key factor into the movie's rating failure, Garner's Elektra wasn't the best and it suffered. Also coming out as a dark superhero movie during the baby stages of comic book movie popularity helped make this movie not as successful.

This movie, if done right, can really set the bar for dark superhero movies. I have provided a fancast courtesy of yours truly to really give the fan my thoughts on how this movie would play out with these actors/actresses playing them.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Michael C. Hall

"Dexter in tights!" And to that I say "Nooooo" Hall is perfect for this role because yes he knows how to play dark characters, but he is a smart enough actor to not do the same thing twice and can really tune in a different aspect to the Daredevil character. He looks like a Matt Murdock and can get in shape physically for the role. Daredevil and Dexter are two different characters and Hall can 100% show us why if he was cast.

Elektra Natchios: Rhona Mitra

Recently seeing the demand for fans wanting her to play Wonder Woman and although I'm sticking with Jamie Alexander (it'll never happen) Mitra would be a nice fit. You can't tell me Mitra does not look like Elektra? She gives off that tough girl vibe and me personally, I can see good chemistry between Hall & Mitra. She's been in action movies (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans) so there's absolutely no doubt she can hold her own in a superhero movie. She has the looks, she can kick-ass, and she's not a bad actress. She can without a doubt pull this off.

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson: Sean Astin

Rudy! Yes I chose Sean Astin for this role previously played by Jon Favreau 10 years ago. Astin can definitely pull off Murdock's best friend and provide a much needed comic relief in an otherwise dark, gloomy tale. He'll nail this.

Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin: Clancy Brown

One of the most talented voice actors of all time can without a doubt pull off this character! He's going to bring you the physical intimidation standing at 6'4" and he's already a pretty solid guy who can get bigger depending on the producers and what not. He will also give you the voice that will stand out and be one of the major highlights in the film.

That's all for the Daredevil reboot fancast! You know the drill: Good? Bad? Who would you rather have? Let me know in the comments! Let's debate!!


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