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"My son is a Jedi. Like my father and I before him."
Timothy Johnson

If the rumor mill is still spinning in a manner that is flying resourceful information back at us, then the idea for the next episode of the highly anticipated megaton franchise that is Star Wars is expected to have a female lead. Or at least a very important female role. Despite the other casting rumor favorite- Chloe Grace Morez, to audition for the film, Saoirse Ronan definitely fits that futuristic other-worldly feel.

At her recent audition for Star Wars 7 Ronan described the entire experience as, "so much fun," according to Being that she is not a first time actress high on the life of Hollywood, you can take her having fun as the studio having it as well. Her bloody, psychological, high tension film Hannah was done very well and she did her fair share of physical feats. This is an actress who takes her work seriously, especially at a young age.

She also gets credit for being a real fan of the franchise. "It would be so much fun [to get it]. Imagine having a lightsaber and just holding one." Ronan also seems to be a fan of Abrams stating, "It’s so exciting they’re remaking it and it’s going to be with JJ, who is so fantastic. It’ll be amazing." This tends to usually bode well for any cast member who has a high respect for the directors work before working together. Who, according to has been " 'constantly talking' with George Lucas About Star Wars."

Although casting is still early and everybody is giving a read, including the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Ming-Na Wen who recently told Access Hollywood "I don’t care, I could have a walk on, just like passing Han Solo. I don’t care….", the New York City native may have what it takes to fit the vision of Episodes VII-IX. Either way, it looks like everybody will be geeking out about new lightsaber crystals appearing on the big screen in 2015. Plus, whoever will take the coveted villain role now that Vader has been freed from his heavy breathing? It's still far too early to tell, but at least its not far far away.

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