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As childhood friends, Billy, Paddy, Archie, and Sam were inseparable and enjoyed great times together. Fast forward to 2013 (some 65 years later), and their adventures continue. 4 old guys (their words, not mine) go to Vegas for one... or several, actually, unforgettable experiences, and show their family, friends, doubters, and the world that just because you get older doesn't mean you stop living.

This movie was awesome! I LAUGHED (at some parts more than others), but, this was true enjoyment! Morgan Freeman. That's all, there is no need to elaborate, as he is "The Man" (as usual). Robert DeNiro did a great job at comedy (even with his usual straight, no nonsense face), and I was actually impressed with Kevin Kline too (I never looked at him as old, but, he definitely held his own w/ this cast). Yup, if you're looking for something different to see that you will enjoy, check this one out. Rating: 4/5 stars


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