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Jessica Gappa

Army of Darkness 2?

Could it be true? A new Army of Darkness movie? has Army of Darkness 2 listed as announced and is expected to be release sometime in 2016.

At the 2013 Wizard World Nashville Comic Con Bruce Campbell confirmed an interest in partaking in the endeavor. More recently, there has been another pleasant surprise, Sam Raimi. Tweets with Fede Alvarez play towards the OG director coming back to his original work. Ivan and Sam Raimi are listed as writers for the upcoming movie. Though he has been quite busy as a producer, there hasn't been any directorial projects on the docket for Sam Raimi since Oz the Great and Powerful. Does this mean he's freeing up time to direct this project as well? Let's just hope there isn't another Spiderman trilogy in the near future.

It's hard to get excited yet. For years fans of the franchise have been stirring up rumors and dreaming for this day. The 2013 remake of Evil Dead left many hardcore fans unsatisfied. Not that director Fede Alvarez did a poor job, but Steven Spielberg could have taken on the film and fans would still have been critical. This coupled with no Bruce Campbell cameo left people viewing this movie as an original, not affiliated with the franchise other than by name (and a vague reference to Ash's car.) Day by day, more news is leaking on the project and everything looks positive so far but only time will tell. (Was that 5 drops or 6?)

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