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Well, I would tell you what this movie is about, but, unfortunately, I can't. I can't because I honestly have no idea. Yes, I was in the theater, and my eyes were open (for most of the movie anyway), but, yeah...

So, here's my attempt at a summary. The Counselor is about an attorney who has a plan. It takes about 1/2 of the movie before you put two and two together to figure out exactly what the plan is. There's a love interest, (Penelope Cruz) and a few other characters (Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz) that are involved. Once I sort of figured it all out, the plot goes a totally different direction and I was left asking myself if I really just wasted almost 2 hours of a perfectly good day.

I seriously could've been spent that time watching grass grow, I'm almost sure I would have enjoyed that more. So, I'll add this to my list of "not so enjoyable movies of 2013." This ranks right up there next to Getaway. Save your money.Seriously.

Rating: 1.5/5 stars


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