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OK so many people believe that Wonder Woman will be the first female superhero to get her own movie. Now I have believed for a while that whichever studio has the courage to put in the budget and effort will be the one that truly cashes in on the heroines. Marvel have been reported to have a script for Ms Marvel already and here are some things I would love to see in her movie.


Everyone knows Wonder Woman's powers, but do you know Ms Marvels? Here is what she can do, and it is far superior to Wonder Woman's powers. First off, she has superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability. So she is instantly someone to have on your side in a fight. She can project and absorb energy directed at her, (this kind of beats Wonder Woman's choice to deflect a projectile). Ms Marvel takes it head on and uses it back against her enemy. Finally, she has the ability to fly. So not only can she kick bad guys left and right on the ground she can also take them on in the air. So she already has the Amazonian Princess beat on the power front.


The history of Ms Marvel is also very interesting. First off, she is a Major in the Air Force. What does that mean? She actually outranks Captain America! Adding to this, she was born to a father who praised the achievements of men over women. Poor Carol (Ms Marvel) had hoped to finally get something in the way of pride from her father, but even her Air Force career failed to impress him. It was during her time in the Air Force that she met Dr Walton Lawson (he was really an alien from the Kree empire and later became known as Captain Marvel). During her time with him she was seriously injured in an explosion involving Kree technology. This was what gave her her powers and Ms Marvel was born! Already we have an origin story packed with action making for a big dramatic start to a film.


So we have covered her powers and her origin, so who are her enemies? Well Ms Marvel does have a few to choose from. Her original nemesis was Mystique who is well known from the X-Men franchise, and thanks to Mystique, Ms Marvel has a interesting relationship with Rogue from the X-Men who stole her powers and put Ms Marvel in to a coma for a while. Seeing as Twentieth Century Fox has the rights to these two characters, it is unlikely... so who else could she fight on the big screen? Moonstone is a villain who is just crazy in all the wrong ways. She was a psychiatrist who convinced her patients to commit suicide, so she is pretty twisted. She became Moonstone when she convinced the Lloyd Bloch Moonstone to give her the Moonstones. Now what do the Moonstones allow her to do? Moonstone can manipulate gravity, fly, fire photon blasts, generate light, has minor control over molecules, superhuman strength, speed, and durability and is intangible. So she could easily go head on with Ms Marvel.

So these are just a few things they could do. Have you heard of Ms Marvel (before now)? Would you want a Ms Marvel film?


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