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Enough Said is about the day (well, days really) in the life of a massage therapist (Eva, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Eva is a divorced, single mother who spends her days going in and out of people's homes listening to their endless chatter about their lives while giving massages.

Fast forward (I don't want to ruin it by giving you every detail)....Eva has met someone that is charming and funny and things seem to be moving right along. While working with a new client (Marianne), Eva learns that this client is the ex-wife of her "Mr. Charming (Albert, played by James Gandolfini)," and listens to EVERY bit of information that Marianne shares about Albert. As most people know, its not always a good thing to know "the good, the bad, and the ugly" details about someone that you just met and are dating.

So, I'll have to end this here. To tell you more as well as the ending would ruin it, and that's not gonna happen. I can tell you that its not as predictable as you think :-) I thought it was a good movie. It reminded me a lot of the television show, "The New Adventures of Old Christine," partly because Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the main character of the tv show, but also because the lives of the characters were the same; divorced, dating single mother with interesting comical adventures. Yeah, would definitely consider it a chick flick (I cried once), but, it was really funny too. And it was nice to see James Gandolfini, although a bit surreal. Anyway, check it out. I think you'll enjoy it.

Rating: 3/5 stars


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