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Craig Patrick Arnott

So DC have basically said they intend to follow the example made by Marvel, make lots of solo films and then form a big blockbuster. Fair enough, if it worked for one studio, why can it not work for another? However DC have something Marvel tend not to use...sidekicks. Yes, that is what truly separates Marvel and DC; DC loves their younger counter-parts to their lead heroes. True Marvel have the odd Hero-and-Sidekick style team, but very few and far between. Now how could this make DC more money than Marvel? Simple, two big blockbuster movies! It would be a simple feat for them to achieve. Let me explain.

We have a new Batman franchise in the works and a Superman franchise already going. Wonderful, the door has been opened. Now we know they are planning Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman films, so brilliant- add Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie and BAM! We have out first blockbuster. But how can this turn in to two? Simple really, in later installments of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and if Martian Manhunter got his own solo franchise they could introduce the sidekicks. So that could introduce Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Super Girl, Super Boy, Ms Martian, Kid Flash, Impulse and many more. With them in the solo franchises they could then pull these young heroes into either a Young Justice or a Teen Titan film.

The Bat family, as you can see it is pretty big!

Another bonus to DC is their hero and sidekick list is endless so they could have a sidekick join in to the Young Justice/Teen Titan movie and not have the hero join in to the Justice League film, or the other way around.

What do you think? Would you love to see a cast of younger heroes taking on a big blockbuster? Which young heroes would you love to see in it? Who would you want to be their villain in the film?


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