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I thought I would share some thoughts on who could play some characters in a Ms Marvel Movie. I have three candidates for each role. So here they are.

Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel

Carol is a strong and confident woman who is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. She has even been leader of the Avengers in the comics showing she is also a clear leader. Who could play her?

Katie Sackoff

Sackoff could pull it off, she can play strong and feminine. If you look at how she has played characters such as Starbuck from the reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica, she has shown she can fit in with the boys.

Amanda Seyfried

Now this candidate is for a film where I envision where Carol is at the start of her air force career and is still relatively a young woman. If that was the time period they set up for Carol to become Ms Marvel in the film, Amanda is a lovely candidate. She has shown that she can play a strong woman and with her delicate charm she could make a brilliant Ms Marvel.

Lauren Cohen

Now picture her with long blond hair. You see it don't you. A bit of a wild card as she is not the first person you would think to play Ms Marvel, but she has shown in ABC's The Walking Dead that she can play a gritty character and kick butt as good as any of the boys.

Karla Sofen aka Moonstone

Moonstone is an evil psychiatrist and will use her feminine whiles to give her an advantage if it is possible. If not she unleashes her all might powers both body and mind.

Katie Sackoff

Yes I have her for Ms Marvel, but no reason she could not play a different role other than Ms Marvel instead. As I have said, Moonstone is evil and loves to get inside peoples heads. Katie Sackoff is no stranger to playing a villainous role. She could easily play a character like Karla.

Tricia Helfer

I know there were plenty of men who would have happily swapped places with Guyus Baltar in the reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica. When she play Caprica 6 in the series she proved how seductive and deadly make men weak at the knees. That is what Moonstone is all about. She also has a deliciously seductive voice which could make the role perfect for her.

Lena Headey

Again, take a moment and picture her with blond extensions. She was phenomenal as Big Mama in Dredd, she had a commanding presence and her voice drew you to her. She has also shown in her career just how truly diverse she acting skills are. She could make the role Marvel's answer to The Joker.

Mar-Vell aka Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the guy who inspired Carol to become Ms Marvel, he is a guy who does everything by the book and tries to save as many as he can.

Joel Gretsch

He played in V's 2009 series a reverend who fought for what he believed in. If Joel could bring that in to this role he would portray a brilliant example of the clean cut hero who does what is righteous and making him a great Captain Marvel.

Charlie Hunnam

Many would have seen him recently in Pacific Rim and you have to admit you could easily see him in a role like Captain Marvel. He has a commanding voice which he knows how to project, perfect for a hero who fights for what they believe.

Micheal Fassbender

Now we have seen him play some sinister roles in his career, Prometheus and First Class for example. But I think he could play a character like Captain Marvel. I would envision him however with Amanda as Ms Marvel so it became a true mentor and apprentice kind of relationship.

Simon Williams aka Wonder Man

Wonder Man would act as Ms Marvel's love interest in the films. Now if you know his history in the comics this could get interesting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he also gets with Scarlet Witch during their time as Avengers.

David Boreanaz

I could easily see him and the cocky Wonder Man. Wonder Man is known for thinking he is attractive and lets face it Boreanaz can give the cocky grin of "Oh yeah, I am just that hot."

Matthew Fox

Not an actor shy of an action role. He could give the smirks of confidence while pummeling bad guys in to the ground. He could also make an actor happy to take distance from the spotlight to allow the star to shine (World War Z for example, many did not spot him until the second time they watch the film), so he would happily play the character knowing it is not a Wonder Man film but a Ms Marvel film.

Colin Farrell

Bit of a wild card here. But if given the right direction he has all the assets required to play the role of Simon Williams. He is also not afraid to have the dirt thrown on him during a film. So makes him perfect for a hero action packed film.

So those are my top three choices for each role. What do you think? Would you like to see someone else in the role of one or more of the characters?


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