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Bandi Hartsfield

How many of y'all, (sorry for my accent), have wished for a movie script that was totally written by fans? I know I have. I think it's time to make that a reality.

A while back, I wanted to write a movie script that will help me make a name for myself when I finish senior year and college. I know I wanted to make a Superhero movie, but all the good superheroes I would like to write a script on have already been made into a movie, or is going to be a movie soon. First, I set my eyes on Metal Men, but I really didn't like that idea. Then I thought about rebooting Spawn, or maybe Green Lantern. Then I remembered a Superman project that almost got made...

Does anyone remember when Superman almost got a Doomsday storyline, Superman: Lives? Well, if you do, then you must've been pretty excited about it.

My version, so far, is this:

The movie starts out with a Mayor, (Metropolis), on a podium in front of tons of people in central park. As he finish's up his eulogy, people star lowering a black coffin with the Superman insignia into the ground. The rest of the script I have written so far is basically the same start of the DC animated short, Superman Doomsday. Braniac is going to be the main antagonist, but Doomsday is the one who kills Superman.

This script is going to be a collaboration of fans, but this script can only be made if I get ideas from you, the fans.

Be ready to like a page on Facebook in a week to get updates and give ideas. The Facebook profile is Superman Doom fan script project


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