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With Superman vs Batman having a release date set already and Justice League in the works, I wonder to myself if there is a character in the DC Universe that could stand alone in their own movie. Could it be done with a low budget? And with the right people could it wow the fans?

Now with that question out in the open, I have to remove certain things, like the old standard that Superhero Movies are made 10% for the fans and 90% for the general movie goer. That just brings in more questions like (and questions make my head hurt): could it be an R-Rated movie? Would DC/WB even entertain the idea of a R-Rated Superhero movie? Marvel took that leap and it worked well with Blade 1 and 2 (please don't get me started on Blade 3). You have to be willing to give the hard core fans what that want every now and then.

I mean don't get me wrong, your big guns like Superman and Batman are great, but to me the well for these charcters is running dry. We need new faces, new heroes to move us foward. So being a hard core fan of comic books, I want to give you a list of DC Characters that could have a Solo Movie.


He would be a great movie character. It could be PG or R Rated, depending on the origin story you believe in. I myself believe he was an Angel that didn't side with God or The Devil during their battle. With his powers alone he is pretty bad-a#$


People have been asking for a Spectre movie for years. I myself being a person who knew someone inside DC/WB would harass then to no end about the making this movie. He would just yell at me "I work in the IT department! Stop asking me about this movie!"

If you were to compare The Spectre to a certain Marvel character you would see that they are not very different. However seeing Marvel's mistake with said character, DC could do it right. To be done right this needs to be an R-Rated movie without reservations. My one big question would be: is the Spectre already set for a movie appearance?


NO! Not the guy with the cheesy red suits and hat! There is always talk of showing female heroes in movie leads. I agree there are not enough of comic book movies with female leads and believe me DC has some kick-ass female heroes. There is no way to get around an R-Rating with this lady. She relives the death of someone who needs vengeance. She is technically blind and she carries two possessed pistols that do not miss.


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