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Kyle Sprankle

I know there have already been a few articles about this but I would like to get my reasons out there for why I think we should give Ben Affleck a chance as Batman before someone goes out and burns down his house. I know I am going to get a few comments like "He will be a terrible Batman" or "Batfleck sucks" but I really hope everyone will hear me out.

  • 1. This has happened before. What most people either forget or don't realize is this kind of hatred towards a Batman casting has happened before. I assume most of you have heard of the actors Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger? Known to some as the best Batman and the best Joker, both of these actors got a ton of hate and disdain when people found out that they had been casted in their respected roles. However both of them did a pretty great job once they were given a chance.
  • 2. Affleck actually works hard... Even though some people may not believe it, Ben Affleck takes his big roles very seriously. As stated in another article on this site, Ben Affleck is already attempted to "bulk up" for his role as the Dark Knight, which I think is great. Plus, you would be amazed to hear about the kind of research and work he has done on past movies like Argo, The Town, and even Good Will Hunting. He has a lot of success in his career and that includes directing, co-writing, and starring in a Best Picture Oscar-winning movie. That kind of thing doesn't happen by accident so he must be doing something right.
  • 3. All of the people who really matter think he will do great! There are so many big names in Hollywood who think that Ben Affleck will do good as Batman. I'm not just talking his close friends like Matt Damon. Others include past Batmen like Michael Keaton and Adam West, big-time Avengers director Joss Whedon, and famous actors/nerds Kevin Smith and Patton Oswalt. Michael Keaton and Adam West have experience as Batman, Joss Whedon knows what it takes to make a successful superhero movie, and Kevin Smith and Patton Oswalt are both avid superhero fans. Kevin Smith has even written a Batman comic book! Click on this link if you want to read some of the things that all of these people said. As a result, if all of these people feel positive that Ben Affleck can be a successful Batman, then shouldn't we be willing to at the very least give him a chance? You don't have to agree but with all of this evidence I am most definitely willing to give him the chance that I feel he has earned. As always feel free to leave comments on your thoughts and/or opinions on what I've said.


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