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Soldato WeathersbyTravis

As a MARVEL geek myself I am going to be as non biased as possible because I understand both sides of this coin. I want this show to be as successful as it can be, but even I am a just a little disappointed.

After seeing the ratings and the boo hooing of the Fan boys/girls I fear that this show could be canned sooner than it should. I have seen what happens when great shows don’t give what the fans think they should (Heroes, fringe, journey man, alphas etc.). So many great shows with incredible potential, canned before their time all because the “fans” refused to support and give them time to build a great story, not just a good one.

Now on the one side it is understandable that fans are upset, if we wanted to watch a spy or government agent show we would stick with NCIS, CSI, or any other number of “agent/officer” programs. We watch S.H.I.E.L.D because it is a part of the marvel universe, a universe based around superheroes and villains. This is a universe with a large array of incredible characters and yet we are coming up on the 6th episode and still have not really been immersed in this world. It doesn't have to be much for the fans to really get geeked about the show. For some reason they are against doing easter eggs, but that’s part of the fun of the movies now a days, looking and listening to everything and feeling awesome when you catch something. Little things like this could really get people back on board with this show.

Listen, I know there needs to be character development, but if you have not been able to develop your characters beyond being one dimensional in 3 episodes then it’s not going to happen. Why not give us the background on why these agents came to S.H.I.E.L.D, use the stock footage of previous movies and tie them in making it the reason they accepted the offer. This would give us footage of movies we have seen, characters we love while at the same time giving us a reason as to why these are the agents in the show and why the event impacted them.


Here is an idea, how about small cameos, 5 second spots that excite the fans and the viewers. Contractually, an actor cannot have lines nor can they have over a specific amount of screen time if the franchise the actor currently stars in is under contract with another company (the reason why Spiderman has not made an appearance in any other marvel movie).

SO, how about this… While the agents are on the street a skateboarder flies by almost colliding with an agent (Andrew Garfield is the skate boarder).

Here is another for your noodle, simply have a black woman with white hair walking down the street.

Liev Schreiber sitting like the cocky bad ass he is, in a park as the camera pans by.

These are little things that can easily be done to boost the popularity and ratings, to what I think is a good show. It just needs that little push to be what everyone expects and wants without diverting from their original plan.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think?


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